Jey Mammón has faced the versions of an alleged request from Telefe: will they leave him out of the Martín Fierro?

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After releases of a strategic plan from the authorities of phone so that jey mammon do not attend the delivery Martin Fierro Awardsto be aired on that channel, the interrogated motorist accused of child abuse broke his silence.

in dialogue with show partners (El Trece, at 10:30), the former conductor of Rock of Morphi (Telefe, Sundays at 11:30) addressed the rumours, and ironically recalled having “two” awards for best Argentine television in his house.

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“It seems that Telefe does not want (the cycle) to be selected for the best music programme”El Trece’s reporter then warned Jey.

“Would it be all for me not to be? I really don’t think Telefe is considering not inviting me to the Martín FierroI don’t think so, I don’t think so,” the musician also replied.

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“I remember in other notes that you commented on it Have you had an approach (with the channel)”, the reporter continued to provoke him. “In relation to Martín Fierro, not at all”, was Jey’s decisive answer.

Jey Mammón spoke in "Partners of the show".  Television capture

Jey Mammón spoke in “Partners of the show”. Television capture

“Of your continuity,” corrected the reporter. “Ninth, We haven’t had another chat, but it’s the same thing we talked about with your partner recently.”specified Mammón in reference to his possible return to the ball channel.

“Would you be surprised not to be selected?”, the movilero wanted to know. “As I just told you, My head right now isn’t even set on going back to television.”he assured.

And speaking of the possibility that the aforementioned musical cycle he was conducting with Jésica Cirio being removed from the shortlist, he said that the proposal sounded “strange” to him.

“Find him a ride so he doesn’t invite me. First of all, It seems strange to me that Telefe doesn’t want to invite me, but in any case, in order not to invite someone, it seems to me a rather far-fetched tangle. That’s why I say, it’s a beautiful music program and I may be specifically nominated for somethingbut it goes further, the program is not me,” he concluded summing up.

Jey Mammón with one of the two statuettes he has at home.

Jey Mammón with one of the two statuettes he has at home.

Romina Manguel’s spicy sayings against Jey Mammón and the driver’s response

“Would you go if invited?”was one of the last questions that the reporter of show partners made in jey mammon on the prize Martin Fiero to open television

“I do not know”the radio and television host was honest, who also spoke about the strong statements From Romina Manguel against him.

Is that famous journalist, who was close to Gerard Rozin, said the late producer would be uncomfortable with all this scandal over the abuse exposure they made to Jey. and what, for herthey should revoke the program.

Romina Manguel does not want "La Peña de Morfi" to continue on the air.

Romina Manguel does not want “La Peña de Morfi” to continue on the air.

“Well yes. To say what Rozín would think seems like a lot to me, What do you want me to tell you,” the actor said.

Marina Calabró had assured that Telefe does not want Jey Mammón in Martín Fierro

According to Marina Calabro, to make Jey Mammón invisibleTHE The Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists (APTRA), would have thought, at Telefe’s request, to suppress a short list.

“This is under review. The TV shortlists aren’t out yet”Marina explained on Miter radio. And, moreover, she assured that “the institution has no control over who is divided at the time of the dissemination of the categories”.

Source: Clarin

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