Mirtha Legrand’s particular response to Nacha Guevara’s Chicana against her

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Nacha Guevara composed a musical theme in which he attacks half the world, including great figures from the world of entertainment such as Mirtha Legrand and Susana Giménez. Consulted by the Primicias Ya portal, Chiqui gave a very particular response to the chicana she was subjected to in the song “I’m very tired”.

Too bad, I have great tenderness for her and she is a true artist“, Mirtha Legrand reacted. In addition, she said that Nacha Guevara sent her tickets for the theater show that debuted a few days ago, “Nacha in pajamas”, where, among other songs, she performs, precisely, the one she has aroused much controversy: “I’m very tired”.

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Far from refusing to see Nacha’s show at the Astral theatre, Mirtha Legrand has promised: “I’ll go next week”.

Mirtha Legrand has promised to go see the Nacha Guevara show next week.  Photo archive.

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Mirtha Legrand has promised to go see the Nacha Guevara show next week. Photo archive.

Instead of throwing darts at Nacha, as is usually the case in these times when verbal exchanges between celebrities are the order of the day and their level of aggression is increasing day by day, very cultured, added Mirtha: “The truth is that Nacha is very affectionate with me every time we meet“.

Having said that, Mirtha Legrand, with great finesse, recalled: “I wanted to invite her to my birthday (it was last February 23), I sent her an invitation but I think it was not the correct number that I have”.

“She has talent, days ago i heard her on the radio saying very loving things about me“said Mirtha, who is aware of everything that happens in the media. He was referring to Nacha Guevara’s statements in real pollenthe cycle conducted by Marcelo Polino on Radio Mitre.

There, the singer had declared of Mirtha Legrand: “I get along with her, I love her. We write to each other often. After, for periods, no”.

And after pointing out that Chiquita is different on screen than in everyday life, he specified: “In private she is very different. She is much more affectionate, relaxed. I blow her a kiss. I say she is a celebrity campaigner. No , ceased to be a star.

I love everything she does and she is a true artist. I always praise her hands, I tell her they look like a teenager’s,” Mirtha added in her response to Nacha’s song. And she concluded, “Fine, I’ll close the topic.”

What does the song where Nacha lash out at half the world say?

Nacha Guevara shoots everyone, no filter.  Catch TV.

Nacha Guevara shoots everyone, no filter. Catch TV.

In his new song “I’m very tired”, which will be part of his next album and which he already performs in his stage show, Nacha Guevara sings: “I’m tired of hearing so much nonsense / I’m tired of eating salad / I’m tired of Mirtha and Susana / I’m tired of traps and ballads”.

And apparently he also got tired of the cumbia 420 and its main reference: “I got tired of L-Gante and his teeth”.

Furthermore, the song that Nacha composed also aims at the piqueteros: “I got tired of seeing so many pickets / I got tired of the cargo not coming,” he says.

At LAM they showed the lyrics of Nacha Guevara's controversial song.  Catch TV.

At LAM they showed the lyrics of Nacha Guevara’s controversial song. Catch TV.

The other two songs from his upcoming album that Nacha Guevara anticipates in his stage show are “80 y cantando” -which refers to his age and the way he experiences the passing years- and “Andate al carajo”, where he refers to abusers.

Source: Clarin

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