Santi Maratea has responded to the criticisms made for his collection for Independiente

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A month after the collection began trying to pay off the debts of independent clubSantiago Maratea lived THEY (America, 8.00 pm), the cycle conducted by Ángel De Brito. Here, the influencer He has responded to all the criticism he is receiving from those who nickname him “Manotea” questioning the transparency of his actions with the money he raises in his campaigns.

They call me scammer without having a single proof“, relaunched Santi, who had told in his Instagram account that the night before he could not sleep due to the anger that some of his detractors caused him and that he could not stop imagining hitting one of them.

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Santi Maratea.  Catch TV.

Santi Maratea. Catch TV.

Regarding that comment, THEY They asked him how he does so that the numerous criticisms he receives, given his very high level of visibility, don’t end up damaging him.

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I’m one to pretend it’s not about them till the end and say, ‘This is affecting me so much and I can’t sleep‘” she replied. “If not, I’ll pretend everything’s fine. I say, ‘It doesn’t matter, I’m beyond it, I’m sure where I’m going, I don’t listen to criticism,’” she said. And he admitted: “But somewhere in my body all sorts of things are happening”.

Santi Maratea: “Today I got full and got up exhausted”

“Today I got full and got up exhausted,” acknowledged Santi Maratea, alluding to the darts he receives from some sports journalists on his collection for Independiente.

With a great sense of humor, he added: “For me, THEY it’s spicy, but they are giving me so much everywhere that now THEY I find it welcoming“.

Already speaking seriously, he relaunched: “I am always criticized by people who are in the media, they are supported by powerful people. Today I told Sudestada magazine: This battle is not equal to equal, because I’m alone, I put my name and I’m an influencer since I started”.

Santi Maratea: "Influencers are the real independent media".  Catch TV.

Santi Maratea: “Influencers are the real independent media”. Catch TV.

Today, influencers and the people of the Internet are the true independent media“said Santi Maratea.

And he gave an example: “When I spoke to Sudestada magazine on Instagram, they said: ‘It’s good to understand that we think differently!’ And I replied: ‘Yes, but I don’t know who I’m talking to. You’re talking to Santi Maratea. I’m talking to a person who manages a media’s Instagram, I don’t know who it is, you are a group of anonymous people”.

Santi Maratea: “From the first collection I say that what I do is not charity”

Referring to the way he approached the collection for an independent and the fact that he gets an economic return for his work as a trustee, Santi Maratea explained: “Everyone can give their opinion and not everyone has to know me. But whoever investigates a little can see what dSince my first collection I have said that what I do is not charity“.

Additionally, he added, “I’ve always said where what I do points to: It has more to do with organizing with technology for collective profit than charity.”

Santi Maratea.  Catch TV.

Santi Maratea. Catch TV.

“And in this case -he specified with regard to the collection for Independiente-, what it would be like to be a trustee is what I do in all collections. Within a trust, the law recognizes my work. AND when in other collections, such as Emmita’s, I do the ‘cap pass’, it is the work of a trustee“.

Maratea: “I wouldn’t enter politics to fight in IOMA for things to go well”

Speaker Estefanía Berardi asked Santiago Maratea if he intends to get involved in politics. “My worth is as a citizen –answered-. What I have to contribute is as a citizen:part of a vow, I can have an idea and put it into practice so we’re all a little better off.”

“I think the greatest value is this: how one, as a citizen, can change things. And not like a politician who tells people that the only thing he can do is vote for him and that he, with his ideas bigger than anyone else’s, will carry everything through.”

Santi Maratea: "I wouldn

Santi Maratea: “I wouldn’t do politics, because what I have to give is as a citizen” . Catch TV.

Convinced that he, from politics, could not do what he is currently doing, Santi pointed out: “There is a concept that is getting old: the idea that the system changes from within. The Internet shows that you need to create a parallel system and target that migration.”

“As we have it, the system is very complex – he said -. This is why we see technologies as tools, because they help us make the system work better. This is my proposal. I would not go into politics to go and fight within IOMA so that things go well. I don’t have that energy.”

Source: Clarin

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