Vote, the most watched on Saturday was not for Telefe: with what El Trece won

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It happens with the annual rating, with the monthly and with the daily. Victory (almost) always goes to Telefe. But television, like life, sometimes has surprises in store for you: e This Saturday, the top step of the podium went to El Treceon a day crossed by the extra large weekend.

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And, as if that weren’t enough, also retained the second step of gloryall hand in hand with two films: above all it was localized Adriftwith 6.4 points, followed by Baywatch: Guardians of the Cove, with 6.2. Telefe’s two highest-earning wild cards were tied at the time, with 6 for each: The Simpsons AND Married with children.

The ranking of the five most watched programs of this Saturday 27 May was completed with the film a small favorby El Trece, who collected 5.9 points.

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‘Adrift’ was broadcast between 20.00 and 22.00 and was the most watched.

in a day of less lighting than other SaturdaysTelefe remained, however, with the general vote of the day, thanks to the fact that it prevailed in the first and second afternoonsBut early evening It was for El Trece.

The daily ranking saw Telefe climb 6 round points, followed by El Trece with 5.3, América with 1.9 and fourth place went to Elnueve with 1.2. The ranking of signals is completed with 0.6 for Public Television, 0.2 for Net TV and 0.1 for Bravo.

The podium of the seven air channels

El Trece’s was armed with the three films that make up the Top five of the day While Telefe rounded out its “three most viewed” with National Good’s 3.9.

In America he won real secretswith 2.1, followed by Passion with 2 e American news with 1.9.

The Simpsons, on the Telefe podium.  Screenshot

The Simpsons, on the Telefe podium. Screenshot

On Elnueve’s side, on top of everything was left I live for youwith 1.9, ahead of inflexible with 1.8 e afternoon of 9, with 1.1. On Public TV the triumph was for the broadcast of Professional football league, with 1.4. Then they located dvt news with 0.9 and women’s championshipwith 0.4.

On Net TV, the podium consisted of: gaucho soul with 0.5, television editing with 0.4 and Feast of Jesus Mary with 0.3. AND, in Bravo, there was a triple draw at 0.1between Avenue Brazil, Bravo Argentina and the can Emerald.

Surely this Sunday the lighting (and also the listening) will rise, given that in addition to the evening programming, the night will come MasterChef Reinstatement Galain which the eight eliminated will have the opportunity to be chosen by the jury a return to competition.

And, from Monday, there will also be a renewed staff in Telefe’s cooking reality show (among the eight who have resisted from the beginning and those who manage to come back thanks to repechage). And in that gala it will be the plus of the visit of Zaira Nara, who will do something playful and gastronomic with her sisterWanda, the host of the reality show.

Source: Clarin

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