Heartbreaking open letter from Maju Lozano: ‘I’m in the toughest waiting room I’ve ever had’

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From Paraná, Entre Ríos, where he grew up and where his family still lives, Maju Lozano He shared on his social networks a moving letter dedicated to his mother, Ana Maria Lahitte82 years old, who enjoys very delicate health and is fighting for his life.

In detail, the well-known presenter posted a moving letter on her Twitter account instagramwhere 812,000 users follow it, which he entitled: “Thinking with my beloved mother!”.

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“Life is one big waiting room. We live waiting for our turn… the turn of love, of heartbreak, of work, of rest, of the weekend, of holidays, of lunch, of friends, of enemies…”, the presenter began by expressing Every afternoon (The Nine, at 2 pm).

Maju Lozano wrote a letter about the last days of her mother's life.

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Maju Lozano wrote a letter about the last days of her mother’s life.

“We wait and we despair and we wait expecting nothing. And so is life and so is death. Right now I find myself in the most difficult waiting room I’ve ever had to wait. I’m here with my mother by my side waiting for deathhis death, which is also, in a way, mine,” he continued.

“It’s not a wait like I expectedIt’s not as raw as I thought… it is sometimes unbearable and exasperating and sometimes it smells of peace and tenderness. I’m just lying next to him, I’ve waited so long for this moment, she was overwhelmed with so many people watching over her in life!!” Maju assured, visibly moved.

Part of Maju Lozano's post dedicated to her mother's death.

Part of Maju Lozano’s post dedicated to her mother’s death.

And he described: “I longed to be alone with her. I listen to his breathing which stops at times and there are seconds of immense uncertainty and my breathing also stops a bit and it’s an eternal pause and we start again”.

Then, the driver recounted the scene before his eyes: “The morphine drip falls slowly and the tracking makes a play of light that I think I love, there’s something about the rhythm of that drip and light and my mother’s breathing that I find fascinating. They go to the rhythm and I like this, I like what happens in the silence of this wait”.

And he wondered: “I don’t know what’s holding her back, I’ve asked her countless times but I don’t know if she knows eitherperhaps he is once again hiding a secret”.

Maju also explained that he placed “a rose-scented rosary” in Ana’s hands. “I don’t like that smell, I don’t know if she likes it either, but it’s in her hands. I look at her and I know it’s not her anymoreShe’s so flirtatious that I’m sure she wouldn’t like to see herself like this. I would put some blush on her cheeks if I couldShe doesn’t like to look pale, I didn’t bring blush, I didn’t think I’d need it,” the guest acknowledged.

And he added: “Breathe, stop and breathe. Sometimes I wish she would stop but when she stops I look at her and say ‘mom, don’t be a wagon’. What will stop her? I already told her to go, now I did everything that doctors and psychologists advise. The priests and the nurses,” she acknowledged.

The driver described his mother's departure.

The driver described his mother’s departure.

“But death is that strange thing with its own times. Unmanageable death. I wonder what I prefer I wonder if I want him to come now that we’re alone or when my sister arrives and the three of us are as we always were. I wonder if I’ll notice, if the room gets cold and dark or warm and bright,” she continued.

At that point in the letter, Maju assured that life “is strange” but when death is near “everything stops a bit”. And he assured that he had no “reproaches” for her mother, “or almost nothing to say to him”.

Maju poured her feelings on her social networks.

Maju poured her feelings on her social networks.

And after saying that she thought it would be “like in the movies”, “that he would talk to her a lot, that he would stroke her hands and kiss her forehead”, she revealed: “Death is not so romantic… Death is death and you live it as you can…”.

“I like knowing that she knows that I love herthis silent bridge that has been created between the two, the music of her slow breathing and that light sound of the small device that assists her,” he indicated at the end of the letter.

And he closed: “I like the peace in the room, take care of it in solitude, united in anticipation of his death and it doesn’t hurt so far… i’m ready to wait when it does. Relax mom, we’re here for when you decide. Come when death calls you, you already know the way.”

Maju Lozano’s support from her colleagues in this difficult time

Maju Lozano’s post in instagram talking about his mother’s health has been commented on by many media personalities, such as Valeria Mazzaclose friend of the pilot since childhood, or Tatiana Shapiro, his partner Every afternoon.

“Maju dear, I read you and see them and thousands of memories come to mind with Aunt Ana. How we talk about them It will be what it has to be and when it has to be”, The former model began by describing the figure of El Nueve in a comment.

And closed, excited: “I’m sure she’ll leave serene and happy to live so loved and pampered by you.her daughters, her grandchildren and all of us who have had the privilege of knowing her.”

Another media figure who took a few minutes of his time to text Maju was Marcello Torowho commented: “What else can we say or give you but strength. Love to you and your sister, nephews. We all hug you in love and hug your mom.”

Ana María Lahitte, mother of Maju Lozano.  Photo: Instagram

Ana María Lahitte, mother of Maju Lozano. Photo: Instagram

True LozanoFor his part, he assured: “There is an angel in that room kissing them at home. Kiss and stroke his hands.” And the announcer Alessandra Salas She expressed, “Oh Majula… your mom, always your mom. Always with you!”

While, Tatiana Schapiro, Maju’s partner in the El Nueve cycle reminded him: “I adore you and I hug you.” And the entrepreneur Belén Moroni: “I love you. I embrace you. I’m here and you know it. He knows he has them both by his side. I love them so much.”

The operation on Maju’s mother and her place in the midst of the pandemic

In June of last year, Maju Lozano traveled urgently to parana, Between riversto accompany his mother on an operation they were to perform on her.

As posted by the reporter Laura Ubfalthe driver left all his responsibilities in Buenos Aires and took a plane to take Ana to the operating room and be there for whatever she needed.

Two years earlier, during the pandemic of corona virusMaju had shared a heartbreaking post dedicated to her mother. “It’s unbearable how much I miss you, mom”were the words that the landlady chose to accompany a beautiful postcard from her mother, who has always been dedicated to dance and to her family.

Source: Clarin

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