Ricardo Darín’s dog died: the reason for the message that the actor dedicated to him on the net

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Ricardo Darín and his family are going through a difficult time moment from her dog Ronko died, much loved by all. The pain they suffer from the loss of their pet has been reflected in the emotional dedications which they posted on their social media.

The first to fire him was the protagonist of Argentina, 1985 who, through his Twitter account, where he is followed by almost half a million users, wrote: “See you next time Ronko dear! I wish you peace, finally.”

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Right away, his followers have dedicated words of encouragement and expressed their sympathy for the death of their dog: “How sad, it’s an immense pain”, “A big hug” and “Horrible to lose our unconditional love” were some of them.

Then it was added his daughter Clare, who avoided words, but dedicated a very sweet video to her which he uploaded to his Instagram account where he is seen Ronko lying in an armchair next to her watching television while stroking its paw.

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Although in different social networks, both publications realize the affection they had for the pet and the immense pain that his departure caused for the Darín family.

The day Ricardo Darín revealed the paranormal experience he had

After the triumph of cinema Argentina, 1985 at the Platinum Awards, which were held at the end of April in Madrid, Ricardo Darín visited the program the anthillone of the most followed on Spanish television.

Ricardo Darín recounted his paranormal experience in the program "El Hormiguero".  Photo: Instagram.

Ricardo Darín recounted his paranormal experience in the program “El Hormiguero”. Photo: Instagram.

There, the actor told a paranormal experience lived years agoafter finishing a theater function in Bell Ville, Córdoba.

“We finished the show but we couldn’t have dinner in that place because all the restaurants were closed. So the whole group of actors, very young at the time, decided to get into a car that we had… We were seven people in the car. And we decided to do the 40, 45 kilometers that separate Bel Ville from San Francisco“, he began the story by talking to the cycle driver, Pablo Motos.

“And as we were walking down the street, suddenly ‘shhhh…’ A UFO has appeared in front of us, up in the sky.. An unidentified flying object,” continued the actor, who has already confirmed that he will be the protagonist of the series The Eternaut for Netflix.

Ricardo Darín as "El Eternauta".

Ricardo Darín as “El Eternauta”.

And he described: “It was like some kind of vase. And I couldn’t pinpoint the color exactly, but it went from blue to red. It was quite purplish, if you can tell.”

Besides that strange appearance, he surprised with the outcome of the story: “Something very curious happened. I thought all of us who were in the car saw it. But nobody said anything. The UFO has disappeared.”

“We arrived in San Francisco for dinner and at the table I brought it up. I said ‘What did we just see?’ Only one person agreed with me, the others thought I was crazy, that he was talking about anything,” Darín continued.

In Spain, Ricardo Darín visited the popular program "El Hormiguero" and talked about a close encounter with a UFO.  Photo: Instagram.

In Spain, Ricardo Darín visited the popular program “El Hormiguero” and talked about a close encounter with a UFO. Photo: Instagram.

Regarding the unusual reaction of those who accompanied him at the time, Chino Darín’s father expressed: “This caught my attention a lot. It caught my attention that no one in the group had seen it (the UFO). I’m 100% sure I’ve seen it. Well, be careful, 99%“.

Source: Clarin

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