Enrique Bunbury arrives in Argentina: where and how to buy tickets

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Enrique Bunbury, the Spanish artist who has been a key part of the band Héroes del silencio and with a long solo career, has announced that he will perform in Argentina as part of the launch of his new album Greta Garbo.

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Enrique Bunbury’s will be one of the most anticipated returns of the year after announcing that he was retiring from the tour due to vocal cord problems.

The Spaniard will offer a unique show on December 5 at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires.

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Greta Garbor is it a distinctive album, filled with songs that surprise the audience with their originality. This is a Bunbury that has been rejuvenated and such he is ready to face anything.

It is an album that gives a nod to 70s soul and was recorded entirely in analog. It was conceived in El Desierto Casa Estudio on the outskirts of Mexico City in Desierto de los Leones and was produced by Adán Jodorowsky.

The central theme of the album is called Our worlds don’t obey your maps and it is “a declaration of principle, on the greatness of the songs and on their ability to look freely, avoiding clichés, not necessarily common in civil society”, explains the artist in a note.

He continues: “It’s a song by the band, very powerful, with guitars. I wanted to start the album with something electric and with substance. A song that puts you in a situation about the new things it brings Greta Garbo. A freshness and a change of third, a new context”.

Enrique Bunbury, in Las Vegas, at the Latin Grammy Awards, in 2021. Photo EFE

Enrique Bunbury, in Las Vegas, at the Latin Grammy Awards, in 2021. Photo EFE

About Greta Garbo

After the period of restrictions due to the pandemic, Enrique Bunbury is finally back on the road with the first tour in almost three years.

“The tour coincided with the 35th anniversary of the release of my first album in 1987 and we wanted it to be a journey through my entire career, from my first internship with Héroes del Silencio, to my latest solo albums. Unfortunately, the tour was extremely complicated and traumatic for merecalls Bunbury.

Enrique Bunbury will arrive in Argentina in December.  Photo: José Girl

Enrique Bunbury will arrive in Argentina in December. Photo: José Girl

“With all the tickets sold out in both Mexico and the United States, getting on stage became more and more complicated every day. My physical problems included a compulsive night cough that prevented me from sleeping and destroyed my throat and a strange feeling of sand in the lungs. Psychologically, every day was an impossible challenge.”

“Eventually, we canceled all the remaining shows and, in desperation, I decided to accept that I could no longer go on stage in those conditions,” he says.

“During that time and the following months, I wrote the songs for the new album. Some expressed the anger and discontent caused by the situation. Others looked for a glimmer of hope, seeing in the creation, my latest release.”

“In many of the songs included in the album, a mixture of anxiety and enthusiasm appears in the face of what we could define as the Greta Garbo syndrome. The famous Swedish actress decided to abandon the cinematic scene at the age of 36, at the peak of his career. Circumstances made me think that, even though I continued to write and compose, the departure from the stage causes a not entirely desired distance from the audience,” he explains.

This album is a response to the trauma suffered throughout this period,” says Enrique Bunbury.

After learning that his condition was a reaction to a chemical contained in the smoke used at today’s concerts and which remains in the air for a few days, the Spanish singer he reconsidered performing live again. Therefore, he has announced a series of one-of-a-kind performances that will reunite him with his devoted audience.

Enrique Bunbury and Andrés Calamaro, singing together in Mexico.  Photo EFE

Enrique Bunbury and Andrés Calamaro, singing together in Mexico. Photo EFE

Where and how to buy tickets

The exclusive pre-sale for the Bunbury show starts this Monday, May 29 at https://www.movistararena.com.ar/. The general sale will take place from May 31st.

Bunbury’s tour will arrive on December 5 in Buenos Aires. Then he will go to Santiago de Chile on the 9th; on the 11th in Lima, Peru; on the 14th in Quito, Ecuador; and on the 16th in Bogota, Colombia.

In 2014 he will go to Mexico City on June 8th and Guadalajara on June 12th. It will continue in Los Angeles on the 15th and New York on the 18th. The conclusion is scheduled for June 29 in Madrid.

Source: Clarin

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