Unusual campaign: they collect signatures so that Julieta Poggio is not in Cris Morena’s new fiction

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Juliet Poggio sounds like a great candidate to be the protagonist of the new project Chris Morena.

The renowned production house is preparing the sequel to the successful children’s novel flowery, in which Florencia Bertotti starred with great success in 2004 and 2005. The title of this new fiction would be Margarita.

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Isabel Macedo, Graciela Stéfani and María del Cerro will be part of the cast. And Cris Morena loves two exes Big Brother (phone) like main duo: Juli Poggio and Marcos Ginocchio.

“Juli has already somewhat confirmed it, they will meet next week with Cris”Ángel de Brito revealed days ago, clarifying that negotiations with the actress, model and dancer are advanced.

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Marcos Ginocchio and Julieta Poggio, the ones chosen by Cris Morena?  Chirping

Marcos Ginocchio and Julieta Poggio, the ones chosen by Cris Morena? Chirping

And then speaking of the winner of the GH, he highlighted: “We need to see if they close. Be careful with Marcos, because he’s not desperate for the camera, nor for fame. They offered him everything when he left the house, but look for a clear profile that few know because he speaks it privately.

Just as Juli’s followers were celebrating and excited about this possibility, many others were outraged.

To the point that On the Change.org website, a campaign has been launched so that the former Big Brother is not part of Margarita.

The campaign so that Julieta Poggio is not in Cris Morena's new fiction.

The campaign so that Julieta Poggio is not in Cris Morena’s new fiction.

“That Julieta Poggio of GH is not the protagonist of ‘Margarita’ the sequel to Floricienta”is the title of the petition, which has collected more than 2,000 signatures.

There, it is clearly detailed: “We don’t want Cris Morena to put Julieta Poggio as the protagonist because it will ruin the strip, we want trained actors and actresses”.

“Floricienta represents all my childhood, now I learn that they want to massacre the series by making Julieta Poggio the protagonist” and “Look for a real actress”, some people commented on the petition site, which certainly did not influence Cris Morena’s decision.

However, Juli’s fans felt the need to come out to defend her and questioned the signature pool.“How much it hurts that a person who has studied and trained since childhood wants to improve”“They think that with the petition for signatures they will be able to change Cris Morena’s decision hahaha, you can see how envious she is of Giulietta”, “No matter how much they want to lower it, they won’t be able to”, “That you have to be there to sign this”, “Envy “, “How much envy is in the air! The girl got ready for this and there are many who give her a camera and leave much to be desired” , were some of the messages of support for Julieta that multiplied in the networks.

For her part, Julieta, in dialogue with Barbarossa (Telefe), limited himself to answering the question about this important job opportunity: “It is true that there are meetings”without providing further details.

For now, Juli will start the “Fuera de Joda” cycle with Nacho, Daniela and La Tora on Monday, May 29, which will be seen on Telefe’s Twitch and YouTube, starting at 7pm. Also, she was part of Fuerza Bruta and will be in the musical whooping cough, directed by José María Muscari, which will be presented during the winter holidays.

Julieta Poggio’s piece from Fuerza Bruta

Source: Clarin

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