Perfil launches another channel, this time for business news

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Its director will be the journalist Nestore Sclauzero and will have as directors Nuria Am, Franco Salomone, Pepe Gil Vidal, Martín Mena and Rocío Kalenok.

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Moreover the new economic channel will see the participation of journalists Ceferino Reato, Liliana Franco, Mariano Gorodisch, Carlos Burgueño and Willy Kohan, among others.

“Let’s start with 12 hours of own productionin an information continuity that we will then expand towards the early morning”, assured Sclauzero, a clarion.

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Sclauzero is also the journalistic director of Net TV and Bravo TV, the other two Perfil channels, and hosts the 11.30 pm show. reprofileon NetTV. He was president of the Argentine Journalism Forum (FOPEA) and editor-in-chief of Public TV in Macrist management.

Host Rocío Kalenok and columnist Mariano Gorodisch, in the Channel E test show.

Host Rocío Kalenok and columnist Mariano Gorodisch, in the Channel E test show.

The new channel is already broadcast from stream in test mode. will have an aesthetic similar to that of the international channel Bloomberg: there will be a presenter who will introduce the specialized commentators and their interviewees.

The screen will be segmented, with boxes where you will see each journalist and the interviewee; while economic stocks will appear on the right of the screen, above a horizontal bar of economic indicators.

under the slogan “The first economic news channel in Argentina”, Channel E will have its presentation event this Tuesday, on the stock exchange, under the guidance of the CEO of Perfil, Jorge Fontevecchia.

Between cable and open TV

The group led by Fontevecchia created the Radio FM Perfil e open TV channels Net and Bravo TV. Unlike both channels, the new version is a TN-like cable signal (from Clarin group), La Nación+ and Crónica TV, although it has a limited budget and has been benefited by the National Communications Authority (ENaCom), which has declared it a “national news channel”.

Launch of the editorial profile television network at the end of 2018, Radius profile in July of the following year, e Good television in March 2022. It is pending Alpha TVfor which it has an open TV license, with no release date yet.

Bravo TV it is in collaboration with Grupo Crónica. The group of the Olmos brothers prints its two newspapers in the Perfil factory, as does Página/12, of the Octubre group, led by the trade unionist and Kirchnerist leader Víctor Santa María.

The public does not accompany them. Last April, Net TV obtained 0.3 rating points and Bravo TV closed the podium of television broadcasters, with 0.1 points. both stayed behind Public TV, which added 0.5 rating pointsaccording to the latest measurement by Kantar Ibope Media.

In parallel, Chavista lawyer Franco Bindi plans to launch Canal 4 Extra, with the participation of sports journalist Víctor Hugo Morales. Among the cable channels, Last place in the ranking went to IP (Journalistic Information), the channel of Grupo Octubre, of the entrepreneur and trade unionist Santa María, which was launched on October 17, 2020 and obtained a rating of 0.1 last April.

Radio Perfil, now broadcast on FM 101.9, will go to the AM 1190 frequency, which Radio América has been able to occupy until it was emptied by businessman K Sergio Szpolski.

And the current FM de Perfil will become FM Horizonte, according to its creator, Fernando Marín. Now it is broadcast only on the Internet.

Source: Clarin

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