Maju Lozano’s pain for the death of her mother: “I love you with all my soul”

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This Monday, in the afternoon, Maju Lozano reported on his Instagram account the death of his mother Ana María Lahitte, at the age of 83.

“Now yes, mom, to dance in peace. I love you with all my soul”wrote the host of Every afternoon (America, Mon-Fri 2pm), along with a short video of her dancing with her mom.

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Maju is in Paraná, Entre Ríos, his hometown, to accompany his mother, who was not in good health. For this reason, the presenter was not present in her program.

Maju Lozano reported her mother's death on her networks.  Instagram.

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Maju Lozano reported her mother’s death on her networks. Instagram.

Hours earlier, Maju had shared a heartbreaking letter about his networks, which he captioned: “Thinking with my beloved mother!”.

“Life is one big waiting room. We live waiting for our turn…the turn of love, heartbreak, work, rest, weekend, vacation, lunch, friends, enemies. ..” start.

And he continued: “We wait and we despair and we wait expecting nothing. And such is life and such is death. Right now I’m in the toughest waiting room I’ve ever had to wait. I’m here with my mother near by my side waiting for death, his death, which is also, in a way, mine”.

“It’s not a wait like I expected, it’s not as raw as I thought…it’s unbearable and maddening at times and sometimes it smells like peace and tenderness. I’m just lying next to him, I’ve waited so long for this moment, I’ve been overwhelmed with so many people watching over her in life!!” Maju assured.

Moved, she described: “He wanted to be alone with her. I listen to her breathing which at times stops and there are seconds of immense uncertainty and my breathing also stops a bit and it is an eternal pause and we start again.

Then, the driver recounted the scene before his eyes: “The morphine drip falls slowly and the tracking makes a play of light that I think I love, there’s something about the rhythm of that drip, the lights and the breath of the my mum that I find them fascinating, they go to the rhythm and I like this, I like what happens in the silence of this wait”.

And he wondered: “I don’t know what’s holding her back, I’ve asked her countless times but I don’t know if she knows it either, maybe once again she’s hiding a secret”.

Maju also explained that he placed “a rose-scented rosary” in Ana’s hands. “I don’t like that smell, I don’t know if she likes it either, but she’s holding it. I look at her and I know it’s not her anymore, she’s so flirtatious I’m sure she would” . If I could, I’d put blush on her cheeks, she doesn’t like to look pale, I didn’t bring blush, I didn’t think I’d need it,” the driver acknowledged.

And he added: “She breathes, she stops and breathes. Sometimes I wish she would stop but when she stops I look at her and say ‘mom, don’t be a wagon’. What will stop her? done everything that doctors and psychologists, priests and nurses recommend”, he acknowledged.

“But death is that strange thing with its timing. Unmanageable death. I wonder what I prefer, I wonder if I want it to come now that we’re alone, or when my sister comes and we’re all three like I always have been. I wonder if I will notice, if the room is going to be cold and dark or warm and bright,” she continued.

Part of the open letter Maju Lozano shared on Instagram.

Part of the open letter Maju Lozano shared on Instagram.

In that moment of the letter, Maju assured that life “is strange” but when death is around “everything stops a bit”. And he assured that he had no “reproaches” for her mother, “or almost nothing to say to him”.

“I like knowing that she knows that I love her, this silent bridge that has been created between the two, the music of her slow breathing and that soft sound of the device that assists her,” he indicated at the end of the letter.

And Maju closed: “I like the peace in the room, taking care of her in solitude, together waiting for her death and for now it doesn’t hurt much… I’m ready to wait when it will be. Calm down mom, here we are when you decide. Come when death calls you, you already know the road.”

Source: Clarin

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