After his alarming message, Alejandro Sanz tweeted again: “I had a strong outbreak this weekend”

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After the alarming message he posted last Friday, Alejandro Sanz returned to expressing himself on Twitter on Monday evening. The Spanish musician had greatly distressed his fans stating: “I’m sad and tired. And sometimes I don’t even want to be there. Literally.” Now, in the same social network, account: “I had a strong outbreak this weekend”.

Alejandro Sanz’s working situation is as follows: after having performed in several South American countries, including Argentina, the Spanish section of “Sanz en vivo” should start on June 3 in Pamplona. These concerts will run until August, the month in which he will return to the American continent to complete the next leg of the tour.

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The Spanish musician’s message last Friday made his followers doubt their chances of meeting the demanding international tour schedule. The doubt was more than understandable given that Sanz’s words were dramatic: “I’m not well, I’m sad and tired. And sometimes I don’t even want to be. Literally.”

Alejandro Sanz, in his show at the Movistar Arena.  Photo Martin Bonetto.

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Alejandro Sanz, in his show at the Movistar Arena. Photo Martin Bonetto.

“I don’t know if this is of any use, but I want to say it. In case anyone else believes there must always be a sea breeze or firework on a summer night,” Sanz wrote at the time.

And he added: “I’m working to get it through. I’ll get on stage and something inside will tell me what to do.”

Crudely and without trying to mask his feelings, in the tweet that aroused so much alarm, he stated: “But sometimes I don’t even want to be there. Literally. Just to be honest. Not to get into the unnecessary noise”. “I know there are people who feel this way. If it works for you, I feel the same way,” the 54-year-old musician closed that tweet.

For the peace of mind of those who cared about him so much, today, Monday, Alejandro Sanz confirmed his intention to return to the stage: “I don’t want to cancel the tour”indicated, after explaining the difficult situation he faced yesterday and the day before yesterday.

Alejandro Sanz: “Locking yourself at home is not a good idea”

In his new message to the public, posted on Twitter, Alejandro Sanz begins with a show of gratitude. “These days I have received a lot of love in different ways and I am very grateful for all of them,” he writes.

Total sincerity, tell us your current status below. She puts it this way: “I had a strong outbreak this weekend and though the light hasn’t finished coming yet, it feels like a firefly has woken up in my chest.”

Then, Alejandro Sanz makes express reference to the issue of his work commitments. “I don’t want to cancel the tour, because I think that with the right help and a little understanding and support to the shows, we will carry it forward“, he argues.

“Also, I think locking myself up is not a good idea,” he reflects. Immediately afterwards, Alejandro Sanz closes his tweet with more words of thanks and with the announcement of his willingness to take one step at a time to recover.

Alejandro Sanz: "I don

Alejandro Sanz: “I don’t want to suspend the tour”. Photo Martin Bonetto.

“Thanks for the warmth,” says the musician from Madrid. And he says: “Let’s go for tomorrow. The sun is coming.” His followers were quick to respond with heartfelt messages of encouragement and wishes for her speedy recovery.

Source: Clarin

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