The beloved Rafa Hernández, emblematic voice of Rock & Pop and Radio Nacional has died

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Announcer, great interviewer, owner of sour humor, lover of relaxed talk on the air, Rafael “Rafa” Hernández died on Tuesday morning, after having felt a strong pain in the chest and having gone to the caretaker of the Italian Hospital. He caused a massive heart attack. He was 66 years old.

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Rafael’s trajectory accompanied the growth of FM in Argentina: at the beginning of the 80s he collaborated with Graciela Mancuso and Alfredo Rosso in FM extensiontherefore it contained programs Radio Silver together with journalists such as Sergio Marchi, and in 1985 he arrived at Pop rock and was his signature voice in commercials and spacers in the first half of 24 Hours of Rock.

Radio Nacional's farewell to his beloved Rafa Hernandez.  IG's photo

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Radio Nacional’s farewell to his beloved Rafa Hernandez. IG’s photo

It also had its programs like the legendary floor 93 together with Martín Pérez and columnists such as Patán Rajendorfer, Claudio Kleiman, Alfredo Rosso, Enrique Symns and the duo Pedro Saborido and Sebastián Borensztein, which later led him to be a presenter for Tato Bores.

I went on a Sunday evening and the main Argentine rock musicians took part in it looking for a good chat, for example Indio Solari and Skay Beilinson.

“My finest hour,” he once said, “was when Rock & Pop opened. Everything was ready to go and we really wanted it. We had a blast. We lived on the radio!”

Witness and protagonist of an era

Born in Pehuajó, he arrived in Buenos Aires at the height of the dictatorship and worked his way up from the bottom living in boarding houses where he pursued his dream of studying radio. He worked to repair fire extinguishers and Drago siphons, took his first steps in front of the microphone and slowly built a path thanks to a luminous voice and an overflowing personality.

Witness and protagonist of a golden age of radio in the middle of the Alfonsinist spring, Rafa Hernández has become part of the history of local radio.

Rafa Hernandez in "Piso 93" at Rock & Pop, together with Claudio Kleiman and Martín Pérez, among others.  IG

Rafa Hernandez in “Piso 93” at Rock & Pop, together with Claudio Kleiman and Martín Pérez, among others. IG’s photo

In the late 1990s he was called up for a new FM called The rockwhere it was also the official voice of the station, and had its own programs.

In recent years he has been a plant presenter in National Radiowhere he had programs like The Rastrojero ghosta sort of Nacional Folkórica continuation of what was its time the ghost trainwith Omar Cerasuolo.

He will be missed by all who knew and heard him.

Source: Clarin

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