In a private listen, Fito Páez shares the details of the 2023 version of “Love After Love”

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Those 20 years are nothing. 30, neither. and 31? Well, it seems that for Fito Páez it is also nothing, because look happily -albeit covered by red glasses- by the nearly fifty journalists who flocked to listen to and present the EADDA9223the 2023 version of El amor después del amor, his 1992 album (hence the EADDA9223).

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Sure, let’s talk about best-selling rock album in Argentina, but also his masterpiece: 14 songs of which at least ten were hits and have become classics of Argentine popular music.

Need titles? Done: Love after love, the magic wheel, Brilliant on the mic, A dress and a love, two days in the life, to roll my life… And yes, the hits continue.

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The cover of "Love after love 2023", by Fito Páez.

The cover of “Love after love 2023”, by Fito Páez.

Well, Fito has done it again. He has re-recorded the entire album, but in versions which, while respecting the original lyrics and melodies, have different instrumentation, mostly with an orchestra, in several-many-countries of the world and with a level of national and international guests that would make any collaboration album envious of those that have become customary to appear, those “companies” so fashionable, which here – each one – has a reason for being.

Let’s start again, but now with proper nouns: Chico Buarque, Elvis Costello, Marisa Monte, Mon Laferte, Leiva, the soprano María Castillo de Lima, Ángela Aguilar, Antonio Carmona AND Estela Dyingto talk about strangers.

From here? Andrea Calamaro, David Lebon, Lali Esposito, Nicki Nicole, Nathy Peluso, Wos, Ca7riel AND Getting to know Russia.

great presentation

We are in an art gallery that if it weren’t for the curiosity of the inhabitants of the neighborhood, armed with the market bag, we would set up in Palermo Soho, instead it is Colegiales.

Once inside, it could be anywhere in the world. A spacious room, with photos and videos of the presenter and, in the centre, the two vinyls of Love after lovethe old and what this Tuesday May 30th will be available from 20:00 in all formats and on all digital platforms.

Fito Páez had the pleasure of re-recording "El amor después del amor" with guests.  Photo: Val & Musso.

Fito Páez had the pleasure of re-recording “El amor después del amor” with guests. Photo: Val & Musso.

After canapés, sandwiches and detox drinks (carrots, spinach, lettuce, ginger and lemon), we went into an auditorium where We will listen to the whole album, in the darkjust with a screen announcing the song and who is performing it.

Before, Fito Páez takes the stage and tells his emotion during the making of the album as if we are there, in community, to listen to it.

He explains it like this: “For me it’s not just an album. It was quite an amazing musical odyssey, permanently amazing. You had to irritate the source material. This was the first concept, in the sense of not being afraid of it, of being able to destroy it, turn it upside down”.

And he continues: “It was necessary to demonstrate in some way that there are no sacred, untouchable records that cannot be re-recorded. If possible! And it’s a wonderful musical exercise.”

Fito Páez teased the details of the 2023 version of "Love after love" a few hours before the release

Fito Páez teased the details of the 2023 version of “Love after love” a few hours before the release. Photo: Val & Musso.

Then he asks us to silence the phones, listen for an hour and that, sure, the world will go on, the news out there will continue to happen, but that we put our heads and hearts into the music. And so we did.

song by song

The order of EADDA9223 it is the same as the original disc. But music is very different.

To start with Love after love, but there’s neither that electronic drum machine nor the characteristic organ, nor even the powerful gospel choir at the end. There is an introduction with carousel music and when it seems we are going the wrong way, the orchestra appears and Fito Páez sings along, word for word, syllable for syllable. No one can and no one should live without love. moved.

Continue with two days in the lifewith Lali Esposito and Nicki Nicole playing the roles of Thelma and Louise they had Celeste Carballo and Fabiana Cantilo in the original. Again, the drive is different, the song is tighter and has a grand finale from the orchestra.

In the veronicathe dramatic singing of Nathy Peluso – the Argentine who lives in Spain – shines, which gives color to the version.

then it comes Traffic through Kathmanduwith Elvis Costello AND the applause meter turns on. Applause was not expected with an audience of journalists. However, the furious version – half in Spanish, half in English – with the British singer-songwriter, added to the drums that fill the foreground, elicits applause.

Source: Clarin

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