“It’s very sweetened”: Cecilia Roth’s opinion on the Fito Páez series

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Until now, Cecilia Rota had stayed away from the great success that continues to be the series Love after love (Netflix), based on the life of Fito Paez.

Now, the famous actress, interviewed by show partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 10:30) and he said it She saw the outstanding biopic about her ex-partner and father of her child, Martín.

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“I saw a chapter in Madrid with my family and then I saw everything here. It seems to me that it is a good series, that it is very well done”said Roth, who is played by actress Daryna Butnik in the drama.

Cecilia Roth's word on the Fito Páez series.  Catch tv.

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Cecilia Roth’s word on the Fito Páez series. Catch tv.

Roth highlighted the production of the series, which partially tells the beginning of his love affair with the musician, however, he then highlighted some details. “It’s a series like all series with the need to involve the audience, chapter after chapter”he pointed.

And then Cecilia finished: “It’s very sweetened for me, it’s without the mystique, life has the mystique in it. In a series it’s very difficult to recover that mystique.”

Roth declared that they are “family” together with Fito and then, when asked if he sees a possible new season, he clarified, firmly, that he is away from the project: “Don’t ask me about the series, what do I know?”

Cecilia and Fito in the series

Cecilia and Fito in the series “Love after love”.

The actress was in contact with Daryna before filming began, to help her in her interpretation. Ahead of the biopic’s premiere, Roth explained, “Daryna’s a very good actress, she’s charming. We had several meetings because it was good for both of us. To be able to tell him things and for him to get to know me, to be able to get closer to the character that she had to play, that existed in real life. and I, tell him things that don’t appear in the show so he knows where they’re from.”

Fabiana Cantilo’s opinion on “Love after love”

The other great protagonist of the history of the series is Fabiana Cantilowhich at first also showed some complaints.

“They mixed all the time and there are many things that are not”assured the singer and former partner of Fito.

And he added: “First statement on the series… Besides supporting Fito and Luis, I’ve had a life and a career.”

“In all that hustle and bustle I taught, composed, had bands and made records. Namely, that of Twist, that I went to hell because I’m a phobic, after Charly’s tour I left; detectives, produced by Mr. Charly García; Fabiana Cantilo and the hot dogs, produced by Fito, we almost killed ourselves…”, then developed Fabiana, played by Micaela Riera in the biopic.

Fabiana Cantilo and Fito Páez, with whom she continues to maintain an excellent relationship.  Photo: Instagram

Fabiana Cantilo and Fito Páez, with whom she continues to maintain an excellent relationship. Photo: Instagram

And then Fito helped me too, yes, because I was talented. Obviously… No, that is, I declare because… it was the same point of view as Fito, but I clarify because I am so present that… I too had a life, didn’t I?”, sentences the interpreter somewhat annoyed .

However, he later clarified: “I’m very happy with everything, guys. With my life, with being clean for ten years and five months, with Fito, with the Fito series”.

Source: Clarin

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