60 years of controversy at the bar: who was Fidel Pintos, the first king of the cure

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In the brand new era of Marcelo Tinelli at the helm of America -in his role as artistic director-, old ideas cross with more modern bets that will arrive at some point. His track Dance that is coming and the already completed return of Controversy to the bar, 60 years after its birth. AND, Pulling the thread of memory, it appears. Who? the king of health.

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The title, without a monarchical crown, but with a meritocracy, is for Fidel Pintosone of the emblems of that television table built in 1963 by the brothers Hugo and Gerardo Sofovich. While he wasn’t sitting in any season, his passage through Controversy was sealed by fire. Not only because of his talent as an actor, but also because of the imprint of his character.

With crossed legs and a face like you know them allFidel represented the Argentine who spoke a lot and said little. He healed like no other. it was a show.

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Just as some watch a football match and do not take their eyes off a certain player, whether or not he has the ball, because seeing him on the pitch is rather an attraction, others put the cycle which for decades has been able to collect very good judgments. don’t miss the genius of Fidel Pintos, whether he spoke or not. In this new stage the program does not reach 2 points.

His poker face in certain gags or his hilarious ping pong with Javier Portales or Adolfo García Grau they were aces of spades propped up on the table. There was no need to stick the paper to your forehead. the of him was the subtlety of the rogue porteñoa man with a can without needing to lean on the counter.

The story of Fidel, 49 years after his death

What a party would be made today in an Argentina that provides a theme for everything: embedded in its character, it was a margin crack and his cute (almost imaginary) creature forever renamed him as a member of the royal family of Buenos Aires cafeterias.

In the team that from Monday accompanies Marcela Tinayre in the season that celebrates 60 years of Dispute… there are none that come even close to her ankles.

In his heyday, the other greats of humor spoke highly of him: da Tato Bores to Alberto Olmedo. Consulted some time ago by clarionthe actress Maria Rosa Fugazot he was categorical: “The old Fidel was a boss of the theater of magazines, radio, television… And, moreover, it was pure tenderness. We worked together for many years in the Sofovich brothers’ shows.”

Fidel Pintos: he knew how to make people laugh, but discussions made him cry.

Fidel Pintos: he knew how to make people laugh, but discussions made him cry.

He said that “when there was an argument or someone got angry in the studio, tears filled her eyes. I couldn’t stand the bad working climate. Seeing him sad was a stab. Imagine what that scene represented, that of a big man about to cry, that even Gerardo was going to the mallet”.

Pintos -who has nothing to do with Abel- was born in Bajo Belgrano on August 28, 1905 (just 40 years before clarion). Before becoming one of the top comedians in the country, he tried his hand at a wide variety of jobs. To his solid foundation of genuine and effective white humor, he has added tones over the years being able to shine in Maipo or Astros magazines or exalt their picaresque in the cinema.

How your emblematic character was born

In the scripts of “The Coffee Table” -as the sketch was originally called Operation Ha ha in 1963, which later became Dispute with the format of the program, his role was listed as Healed.

pintos was the owner of the murmur, the guy who knew them all, and when he didn’t know them… he healed them. She shared the coffee meeting with actors of the stature of Charles CarellaJavier Portales, Adolfo García Grau, Juan Carlos Altavista or Mario Sánchez, among others.

Every time he was asked to explain the ABC’s of his character, he proved that his thing went on make me say something without saying much yet the intent is understood, lots of gibberishAnd, to that DNA, he added the dolls. Fidel’s dolls deserve a separate paragraph.

With a prominent nose and an infectious smile, her face became supple and highly expressive. Impossible not to laugh watching him in that chamuyero role. His portrait hangs on one of the walls of the old bar.

He was said to be “different,” as a compliment. And has Pintos ever picked up that glove: “I’m different because I have a nose that doesn’t even fit in the photos. In my document, my nose is still on the other page’.

On his elongated nose, the digital site Magical ruins, chronicles of the last century publishes that, according to Fidel, the best joke on this matter was played by his friend Enrique Santos Discépolo: “What, won’t you rent me a hole to live in?”.

He was a tango composer and conductor, and shone on the radio with his ineffable couturier Monsieur Canesú.

He was a tango composer and conductor, and shone on the radio with his ineffable couturier Monsieur Canesú.

One of his dreams, by the way, unfulfilled, was to become a tango singer. In fact he dressed like a tango and composed some pieces like come on babywhich was performed by the orchestra of Osvaldo Fresedo, e I saw you leavewith the voice of Hugo del Carril.

Tango also called as presenter and entertainer of old 1940s evenings, in which he recounted his “glossosity”. Thus began his artistic career.

He was a bank cadet, did all the odd jobs he could and then got a steady job at the post office. At 27 she made her theater debut with the Churrinche group, directed by the Uruguayan Domingo Sapelli. And, from there, the great championships: in 1945 he arrived at the Maipo Theater and in 1948 he made his film debut with boyfriend, husband and loverby Mario Lugones.

In less than 30 years he made 40 films. In ’74 he made his debut Vampires prefer them chubbywith Jorge Porcel. He died on May 11 of that year.. Married to María Claudina, he formed a large family and many of his members were able to infect his passion for the river. She was also a fan of Defensores de Belgrano.

Niní Marshall & Fidel Pintos, duo taken by grace.

Niní Marshall & Fidel Pintos, duo taken by grace.

His other characters

Loyal it was Healedbut it was too Professor Fidelius (kind of a jack of all trades) or Don Matteo, the first hairdresser in the old hair salon created by the Sofovichs. And it was unforgettable (for a whole generation of radio) Mister Yokea character who debuted on Radio Callao, starting in 1950. And then moved on to other stations: a hilarious couturier. In the mouth the “mesié” sounded intoxicating.

Caricature of Fidel Pintos, published by Caras y Caretas in 1952. "I

Caricature of Fidel Pintos, published by Caras y Caretas in 1952. “I’m the one with the long nose,” he said to identify himself.

Won a Martin Fiero in the 70s and an indisputable space in a gallery necessary for the best characters of the 72s of our blessed TV.

Source: Clarin

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