Tamara Báez, former L-Ghent, introduced her new footballer boyfriend

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Far from L-Ghent, Tamara Baez she rebuilt her love life and whitewashed her new boyfriend.

Although the relationship between them has long since ended, the fans of the idol of Cumbia 420 and the influencer do not lose hope of seeing them together again.

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Is that as a result of the love that united them for several years, Jamaica was born, the only daughter of Elian Angelo Valenzuela, which is the artist’s real name. And as the months go by, Báez and her ex managed to sort things out and have a good relationship to prioritize the well-being of the girl.

Tamara Báez and her new boyfriend.  Photo: Instagram.

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Tamara Báez and her new boyfriend. Photo: Instagram.

However, Tami, as they tell General Rodríguez’s young lady, introduced her new partner on Instagram.

In one story, the influencer shared a video of her being seen Gonzalo Escuderoa 26-year-old soccer player from the Avellaneda area, who is playing in Europe.

As reported in the last few hours, although the athlete began his career in Lanús, after moving to other clubs in the same area, he packed his bags and went to Italy, where he played with the Palestrina team in the Lazio group , which competes in the minor categories of Italian football.

Tamara Baez and Gonzalo Escudero.  Instagram.

Tamara Baez and Gonzalo Escudero. Instagram.

Subsequently, Escudero continued his career in that country, at Us Arce 1932 and is currently part of the team of New Sondrio Football.

Tamara was very much in love with her new conquest, since she also uploaded an image with a black lace suit on the aforementioned social network and later shared a photo that Gonzalo uploaded to his account.

In the picture, she is seen giving her new boyfriend a passionate kiss. Moreover, Tamara added the time, it was 5:05 in the morning.

Tamara Báez and "l

Tamara Báez and “the hour of love”. Instagram.

Later, on another plate, he shared a screenshot explaining the meaning of that number, which, According to L-Gante’s ex, it would be “the hour of love”.

“05:05 is, officially, the time for love. If you see it constantly on your watch, it’s very possible that the universe is warning you that there is someone who is madly in love with you. Chances are, at least for now, she’s hiding her feelings for him,” the image reads.

How was the last meeting between Tamara Báez and L-Gante

Although they managed to improve their relationship because of the daughter they have in common, the good vibes between Tamara Báez and L-Gante ended in mid-April.

It all started when the Jamaican mom put out a strong message in an Instagram story. “If they’ve kidnapped him, tell him so he can see his daughter for a while”she wrote after saying the singer hadn’t seen her daughter in several days.

The creator of Cumbia 420 took his revenge and as a “joke” decided to publish his ex’s phone number.

“Please don’t call me again. Jami is sleeping. the sidewalk now crossed if they saw you,” Tami said in her account.

“Don’t make me angry, Elián. The way things are, a lot of touring is hurting you,” he attacked.

“Do they tell you to save yourself? Now I can’t use my cellphone while you’re having a party. Get them ssss,” she asked.

L Gent on Instagram.

L Gent on Instagram.

And on another plate he attacked the singer: “What a need, right? He never appears and when he appears he publishes my number. What’s wrong with this boy?”

L-Gante’s networks were full of negative comments, as many questioned his attitude.

Eventually he reappeared from his account and assured that he had been “hacked”.

Source: Clarin

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