Morena Rial: “I’m far from my father, there are things about him that I don’t like”

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Morena Rial has been invited THEY (America, 8.00 pm), the cycle conducted by Ángel De Brito. There, Jorge Rial’s daughter declared it He hasn’t had a dialogue with his father since he returned from Colombia, where he suffered a heart attack that left him on the verge of death. In fact his heart stopped for ten minutes and he had to be revived.

The interview with Morena, 24, came as no surprise as she was asked to describe the difficult situation she and her sister Rocío, 23, had gone through when they discovered their father was seriously ill at a clinic in Bogota . “They told us they didn’t know if he had stayed overnight“More remembered.

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But suddenly came the question that triggered his total sincerity. “How do you see your father now?” “I hope you take care”: This was Morena’s laconic answer.

When they wanted to know if, before the heart attack in Colombia, Jorge Rial didn’t take care of himself despite having a heart disease and suffering from hypertension, Morena was sent: “The problem was that he didn’t check -She said-. But I’m the daughter, I’m not the mother. So I don’t know if he takes any medications. I think so…”.

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Morena Rial spoke without hesitation in LAM.  Catch TV.

Morena Rial spoke without hesitation in LAM. Catch TV.

“And did you take care of yourself with the meals?” they insisted. “During meals… When we have barbecue, he eats chorizo… I don’t think it’s something he can eat. And then he drinks a lot of coffee. But It’s hard to change someone in their 60sMorena has resigned.

Rial again: “I left home at 17 because of Kämpfer, who kicked me out”

Amazed by what they heard, in THEY Morena Rial was asked about her father’s habits: “But hasn’t he changed now after 10 minutes of death?” She immediately replied: “I don’t know, why I’m a little distant. Because he came from Colombia, I didn’t have a dialogue with him.. But it will happen. There are things I don’t like about him and things he doesn’t like about me.”

We live fighting, actually“Added Morena. “I have my life. I left my home at the age of 17 because of Kämpfer, who kicked me out“Jorge Rial’s daughter shot Agustina Kämpfer, who at the time was the ex-racer’s girlfriend intruders. “I couldn’t stand him”, she stressed, “he has bad vibes. And time has proved me right…”.

Morena Rial: "My father got angry about the whole uprising at the

Morena Rial: “My father got angry about the whole riot at the hotel and San La Muerte and the candles…”. Catch TV.

When they tried to get him to talk about his father’s current situation again, Morena reiterated: “I have no dialogue.” And she explained what was the reason they drifted apart.

My dad got mad about all the mess in the hotel and San La Muerte and the candles…“, he summed up, referring to the charge against her because, allegedly, she caused destruction in a hotel in Córdoba in the middle of a satanic ritual, a fact she still denies today.

After acknowledging that although she’s not dating, “I have something in Córdoba, but I’m distant,” Morena stated, “My father doesn’t want me to go to Córdoba. This is a big problem, because I love Córdoba. But he has already done, because now I live in Buenos Aires. With my sister, I don’t even talk to myself. And I have few friends, because when they can they give it to you from behind“.

Morena Rial: “In Colombia I didn’t know what to say or what to do, I was adrift”

At the beginning of the interview, Morena Rial recalled what it was like when she and her sister, while having lunch, discovered that their father had suffered a heart attack in Colombia.

Morena said: “He gave us a contact phone number (that of his partner, María Del Mar Ramón, who was with him in Bogotá). It didn’t seem normal to me, I thought something was going on. And after a while, a an audio, he told us he had a heart attack. ‘I’m having a heart attack,’ he said, and he laughed, because he laughs at everything.”

“My father said we shouldn’t go to Colombia,” Morena continued, “So I was on my way to Córdoba when, all of a sudden, my sister called me to let me know that everything had gotten worse and that I had to travel. They told us my father had gone into cardiac arrest and they didn’t know if it had happened that night.“.

“The girl from the travel agency arranged everything for us. We boarded the plane not knowing what could happen. When we landed, I was afraid to turn on the phone and be told that my father was dead… And I thought ‘What am I going to do with my father who died in Colombia?'”

Morena Rial: "In Colombia I didn

Morena Rial: “In Colombia I didn’t know what to say or what to do, I was adrift”. Catch TV.

“In Colombia we didn’t know everything. I didn’t know what to say or what to do, I was adrift. I didn’t know my father’s partner. The girl, beautiful, but the situation was tenseTO”.

When asked if she was jealous of her father, Morena Rial replied, “I don’t care what I do anymore. That’s how it is.”

Source: Clarin

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