Carlos Portaluppi spoke about his physical change: he lost 20 kilos

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Carlos Portaluppi (55) was a guest at us in the morning (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 9) and talked about his physical change: She lost 20 kilos in six months.

“I had a noticeable drop (in weight). It was 20 kilos. The gastric balloon helped me which I implanted in November last year,” said the actor in the cycle led by Joaquín El Pollo Álvarez.

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Portaluppi was very grateful to the “medical, psychological and nutritional” team that is accompanying him. And he was grateful that he could “work out again after 20, 25 years of doing absolutely nothing.”

And then the actor, who is currently playing the play Let’s Vote, at the Metropolitan Theater, told why he decided to get a gastric balloon, “an innovative, zero-invasive tool that does not require surgery”.

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Carlos Portaluppi spoke about his physical change.  Catch TV.

Carlos Portaluppi spoke about his physical change. Catch TV.

“What strikes me is the change that is generating me physically, emotionally… I still have a long way to go, but it has been an excellent tool for various reasons of a personal and family nature”.

She added, “I decided not to have gastric bypass surgery at the time, due to the traumatic experience. Not mine, but my younger brother’s. And this tool helped me to overcome the fear and to think that there was another possibility to change my condition”.

“I already had problems with my joints, my knees, due to the weight that didn’t allow me to move well, when all my life I’ve been a very agile boy. But weight brings these consequences to physical condition,” added Portaluppi.

Carlos Portaluppi, in "We in the morning".  Catch TV.

Carlos Portaluppi, in “We in the morning”. Catch TV.

“I have 20 kilos and the road is still long”detailed the actor, excited.

And he highlighted: “I never had limitations, for example not wanting to go out. But it was difficult for me to walk. Now I can walk 10, 15 blocks without shaking. It made it a lot easier for me to get around.”

Let’s vote, the comedy starring Carlos Portaluppi at the Metropolitan

What would you do if during a consortium meeting you discovered that your next neighbor is a person undergoing social reintegration due to mental problems? This is the basis of fun Let’s vote which sees in the cast Juan Gil Navarro, Muriel Santa Ana, Carlos Portaluppi and Gustavo Garzón.

Carlos Portaluppi, Muriel Santa Ana, Gustavo Garzón and Agustina Cherri are some of the protagonists of "Votemos".

Carlos Portaluppi, Muriel Santa Ana, Gustavo Garzón and Agustina Cherri are some of the protagonists of “Votemos”.

This is the extended version of the famous Spanish short Votamos which, in 2022, was nominated for the Goya Awards and whose director, Santiago Requejo, is one of the authors who signed this theatrical adaptation together with Javier Lorenzo and Raúl Barranco.

Source: Clarin

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