He left the door open and the unexpected happened: the incredible anecdote told by a former GH

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Paul Herediawho became famous after participating in the second edition of Big Brotherway back in 2001, he told in a video that went viral on social networks the unusual situation and more than uncomfortable who lived after a stranger entered his house.

After having had a career in the Argentine media, where he worked as an actor in various strips, such as wayward way, the former participant of the most famous reality show He packed his bags and settled in Lima, Peru, where he has lived for five years.

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And it was there that he had the unpleasant experience that he decided to share with his followers through a video on Tik Tok.

Pablo Heredia recounted the details of the unusual experience he had in Peru.  Tick ​​tock.

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Pablo Heredia recounted the details of the unusual experience he had in Peru. Tick ​​tock.

According to the Argentine, who continued his artistic career in that country, He had a normal day until he decided to leave the house to go buy bread.

The truth is, since the purchases would only last a couple of minutes and he lives in a neighborhood he has described as “beautiful,” he made the decision to leave the door of his house open without imagining what could have happened.

“Well I had a normal day today, I came in with a normal day,” Heredia began in the aforementioned video.

Then, he expanded: “I open the door of my house, I go for a walk, I take a few steps, I enter a room next door to buy some bread. I leave the door open, it’s a nice neighborhood.”

The actor had the bad idea to leave his house and leave the door open.  Tick ​​tock.

The actor had the bad idea to leave his house and leave the door open. Tick ​​tock.

“Never leave the door open”he warned. And she added, “Look what happened to me.”

Below are the images captured by security cameras, both outside and inside, of Pablo’s house.

With a little humor, in the video, the actor tells what he saw from the camera: a man walks calmly until he sees the door of his house open, then decides to cross the path. After inspecting the door and making sure no one is there, Grab a piece of paper lying on the floor and enter the house.

“On the right side we see a person who sees a door, goes through, looks at the door, it’s open, it’s a normal door. Take a piece of paper and go in,” Pablo describes.

“The cameras are there, but he doesn’t care,” she continues: “Suddenly he says, ‘Isn’t there a bathroom around here? There isn’t, well, I’ll leave a little present for these people’”.

“And here it is, shit was thrown at my front door, motherfucker. I walked in and found that shit,” the actor yells as the video shows the man inside his home.

A man broke into Heredia's house while he was gone.  Tick ​​tock.

A man broke into Heredia’s house while he was gone. Tick ​​tock.

Finally the person in question he wipes himself with the paper that was previously on the floor and, without further ado, leaves it lying around.

“They leave gifts in the houses”wrote the actor alongside the images that have become a trend in the networks.

It went viral and their networks exploded

Many users joked about the unusual situation experienced by the actor and reminded him of his time Big Brother. “He deserves it for remaining silent when Silvina Luna told him ‘I think I’m in love with you,'” one internet user said on Twitter.

Many others recalled the passage of Heredia through the famous tape of Cris Morena. “Congratulations for making fun of Mía Colucci (the character played by Luisana Lopilato in Rebelde Way) and making life miserable for Manuel (the character played by Felipe Colombo in the same strip). Did not pass Rebelde Way, ”wrote a woman on the bird’s social network, with humor.

Source: Clarin

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