Marixa Balli detailed how was the armed robbery in which they took the motorbike away from its premises

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In these times, no one is safe from self-doubt and becoming a victim of crime. This time, the person who suffered was Marixa Balli, current rapporteur for THEY (America, 8.00 pm), the cycle conducted by Ángel De Brito.

The dancer, who has also had a company that sells clothing and footwear for years, told himself in THEY (America, at 20) how did it go the robbery in which they took away, at gunpoint, the motorcycle of the employee who was distributing goods. It happened in the Buenos Aires district of Palermo in broad daylight.

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“They stole my local motorcycle,” Marixa was indignant. “This happened while they were on the expedition, not at the door of the club, because the bike comes and goes all day long-she explained-An employee of mine was robbed of the vehicle we had bought a while ago”.

Subsequently, Marixa specified that the robbery “He went with a gun.”It’s the second bike they’ve stolen from us. And that, after so many robberies in complicated situations in which packages have been lost and in which the employee has fled”.

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“We once had a customer call to say they’d found five packages and the neighbors were desperate to open them,” he added.

Powerless in the face of a situation of insecurity that leaves her no way out, Marixa Balli said: “This year I have suspended shipments to the province of Buenos Aires because it has been one theft after another, because the areas are practically liberated“.

Marixa Balli: "The areas are practically freed".  Catch TV.

Marixa Balli: “The areas are practically freed”. Catch TV.

“And when you go and file a police report, they don’t want to blame you because they already do It’s something common that everyone wants – he continued unmasking the entrepreneur-. So I said ‘Let’s suspend shipments to the province’, losing a lot of money. But, of course, there are also robberies in the capital”.

In fact, this time, two criminals stole his employee’s motorcycle in the heart of the Palermo neighborhood, near Plaza Serrano. “A busy place!” Marixa pointed out.

“We filed a police report,” Balli said. Actually it wasn’t me personally, but I sent a person with power of attorney to do it. And now we have to wait ten or fifteen days. But the insurance we have will have to take care of it, they told me they will return a similar bike because it was still under warranty: it wasn’t even a year old!”.

Marixa Balli: "The bike was still under warranty. It wasn

Marixa Balli: “The bike was still under warranty. It wasn’t even a year old!” Catch TV.

Marixa and the clients: “I am very direct with them and when I get angry I tell them”

As for the relationship she maintains with clients, Marixa Balli indicated that not everything is always a rose garden. “The customer is always right… Until he overflows,” she said. “I’m very direct with my clients and when I get angry, I tell them.”

What are the most frequent reasons for conflict between Marixa and her clients? Shipping and wire transfers. After pointing out that his business works with “a lot of online sales,” the speaker of THEYhe declared: “There are customers who make a bank transfer and want me to send them the bike (with the goods) instantly. And I tell them that until the payment is confirmed I cannot make the shipment”.

Later, Marixa commented that when customers get pushy and her employees “can’t take it anymore,” “I get it.”

Marixa Balli: "In online sales, up to

Marixa Balli: “In online sales, until the payment is credited, I will not ship”. Catch TV.

And what does the dancer say to the clients in those situations? She herself told it: “I tell them: ‘How can I trust a piece of paper that says ‘such a bank’, which can be fake? Until the money appears in the bank, I do not ship“.

Source: Clarin

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