Furious farewell from Gianinna Maradona after the versions on the reason for his recent trip to Italy

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Gianinna Maradona exploded with anger on his social networks and explained the reasons for his trip to Italy with Claudia Villafanehis mother, next Sunday at the celebrations for the consecration of Napoli as national Serie A champion after 33 years.

In detail, the younger sister of Dalma he turned to his account instagram share a very harsh statement dedicated to those who claim to do business with those close to those who have been at their father’s side in the last years of his life.

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“Never in my life will I be in a relationship with someone who does business with people who run the gang of motherfuckers that killed my father“, began by saying the daughter of Ten in a story he published in Spanish, Italian and English.

Gianinna Maradona's post for her trip to Naples with her mother.

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Gianinna Maradona’s post for her trip to Naples with her mother.

“I just want to keep those people out of my life, Nothing interests me less. We have legal disputes with Stephen Ceciand we will continue until the last consequences”, he recalled on behalf of himself and his brothers, who brought his father’s Italian ex-partner to justice to prevent him from maintaining the rights to his image.

Diego Maradona and Stefano Ceci, shortly before the footballer's death.  Photo: Instagram

Diego Maradona and Stefano Ceci, shortly before the footballer’s death. Photo: Instagram

And finally, the girlfriend of daniele osvaldo clarified: “I will not participate in any tribute or anything in particularI’m going back to Naples after so many years to get some of the love you breathe for my dad, that of the Neapolitan who cries and prays for him, genuine, disinterested and true love, what is forever”.

Before sharing that text, Gianinna had uploaded a photo of her mother on the roof of the plane that was taking them to Italy. “The Real ‘Can They?'” The young woman commented on that image of Tata, as they call her in private, smiling and posing in front of her with huge sunglasses.

Claudia Villafañe in Italy.  Photo: Instagram

Claudia Villafañe in Italy. Photo: Instagram

And, in other lines, excited by the adventure she will live with her mother in the land where her father is idolized, the young woman added: “There are trips and this. I love you, mamunis!”

The posts of Claudia, Dalma and Gianinna for the consecration of Naples as champions of Italy

In early May, when the Naples the Italian title was secured, weeks before the end of the tournament, Claudia, Dalma AND Janina They shared their emotions on social media.

The ex wife of Tenand mother of his eldest daughters, published a post in which she expressed: “Naples champion of Italy. Of course you celebrate, heaven celebrates”.

Claudia Villafañe's post when Napoli came out as champions.

Claudia Villafañe’s post when Napoli came out as champions.

Even Dalma and Gianinna were moved by the triumph of team that was able to make his father shine and whose stadium was renamed after him.

“Argentina, Naples and then… we all know who is missing. Raise your hand if you choose to believe it”, The eldest daughter of Villafañe and Maradona wrote alluding to Diez.

Meanwhile, the younger sister did the same by posting a video of Neapolitan fans chanting the famous: “Olé, olé, olé, olé, Diego, Diego”. And alongside those images, she wrote: “Look, Dad, how proud I feel. I love you.”

Source: Clarin

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