Fran Mariano, former participant of “Cuestión de peso” was hospitalized urgently: he was able to amputate a foot

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Francesco Marianoknown for his participation in Weight issue, he was rushed to the hospital. This was reported by the same media through a series of Instagram stories in which he provided details on his complicated state of health.

“I am afraid. Overnight I got a foot ulcer and in seven days everything turned ugly. I am admitted to the Hospital Arcade de San Miguel. I heard from the doctors that they have to amputate my foot. I’m scared shitless, I swear. I don’t understand how this can happen“, he wrote, sad and bewildered, in white capitals on a black plate.

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And I add: “I don’t know if it was the surgeries or if he was very anemic, but his body couldn’t resist and it got infected. I haven’t been able to stop for nine days and everything is getting worse.”

One of Fran Mariano's troubling stories.

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One of Fran Mariano’s troubling stories.

“I don’t understand. Since I arrived yesterday they haven’t given me a single antibiotic and They already want to amputate me. There is no wayI wish they would take care of me a little”, he closed in a third story on Instagram, where he accumulates about 184,000 followers and defines himself as an “actor, television host, panelist and sex coach”.

Another story by Fran Mariano.

Another story by Fran Mariano.

Meanwhile, a few hours later, After the concern generated by his messages, he has returned to express himself in his networks.

“Forgive everyone for the little messages that go unanswered. I am very nervous and scared at Larcade Hospital. I don’t want to go into surgery. I will tell you little by little“, he explained.


“I’m very nervous,” said Fran Mariano.

The dramatic story of Fran Mariano

Fran Mariano attended Weight issue in 2011 and became famous. However, he gained further popularity a few years later when he revealed that he had started undergoing a series of surgeries with the aim of having the same face as Ricky Martin.

His addiction to going into the operating room got so bad that the mediator was operated on more than thirty times. And this, as expected, caused him various health problems.

Fran Mariano during her last visit to

Fran Mariano during her last visit to ‘Intruders’. Television capture

“I had oil on my eyebrows and lids, and it was falling off. Another doctor removed it, but the scar remained. Now I have contact lenses, because otherwise I can’t see. The liquid he injected into me was getting into my eyes. He told me it was acrylic. I was asleep when he injected it and woke up. I felt pain. At age my whole face swelled up“, he recently assured in a note with intruders (America, 13:00) in which he denounced the controversial doctor Aníbal Lotocki, convicted of the injuries he caused to four patients.

“The same thing happened to me with all the models… I told him ‘Hannibal, I want some’. And when I got up I had cheekbones, chin, eyebrows… He told me he didn’t like doing something alone,” he recalled in that same report that shocked Florencia de la Ve to the point that, without any kind of anesthesia, he told her live that they had disfigured him.

Source: Clarin

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