Morena Rial’s affectionate message for her son and… A stick for her father Jorge?

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Morena Rial published a very emotional message for his son Francesco. But in that same text in which she underlines her virtues as her mother, she has inserted some sentences that many of her have interpreted as a stick for her, her father Jorge Rial from which she, she whitewashed a few days ago, she she walked away from her. Since he returned from Colombia, where he had a heart attack that left him on the verge of death, they no longer talk.

On her Instagram account, Morena has published a photo where she is seen with her son Francesco, the result of her relationship with Facundo Ambrosioni. Always active on said social network, the 24-year-old completed her post with a text in which she began by expressing her love for the child and her qualities as a mother.

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“Anyone who knows me knows what I am as a mother, what I fight day by day because you don’t miss anythingwhatever it takes, how much my son loves me and how happy he is,” Morena Rial began writing.

Morena Rial and her son Francesco.  Capture Instagram.

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Morena Rial and her son Francesco. Capture Instagram.

And she added: “I am proud to see you grow day after day and that you are that child with so much sweetness and happiness. here we are, with the few people who love us and accompany you in your growth, against everyone. No one will bring us down.”

That said, Morena Rial wrote what many interpreted as a dart aimed at her father Jorge Rial. “Those who believe that a photo fills a place are wrong”Shot.

He then continued addressing his son Francesco: “Mom loves you and will always be there. You will never lack for anything. Thank you for choosing me as a mother every day. Mom doesn’t give up, mom will be your whole lifeAnd I would never hurt you.”

At the end of her text, Morena, without naming them, was lapidary with her father Jorge Rial and her sister Rocío Rial. Indeed, she stated: “We have a beautiful family of 2, no one else matters, my Chinese. It’s hard to raise a child alone, but you can always do it.”

Morena Rial: “I’m a good person and that’s why I suffer”

In her Instagram Stories, Morena asked her followers to ask her questions. And it was there that she revealed it He will start interviews to participate as a speaker TO THEY (America, 8.00 pm), the cycle conducted by Ángel De Brito.

When someone wanted to know if More was still thinking about working for a notorious erotic content sales platformshe got excited and said, “I love being asked this question because just now my friend left and explained everything to me, so I guess in these days we will activate it“.

Having said that, he lashed out, without filters: “A the haters and motherfuckers who want to bardear can stick bardeadas up their ass. AND If they want to gossip, they will have to pay. Then I’ll send you two kisses, because three is a lot of money and it’s certainly not enough for you”.

Morena Rial is determined to join a platform for selling erotic content.  Instagram photos.

Morena Rial is determined to join a platform for selling erotic content. Instagram photos.

“Why so much pain in your gaze?” he wanted to meet one of his followers. M “I’ll tell you: they say there are medicines, pills, for everything”, More said. “You go to a psychiatrist and they treat you. But there is nothing that cures the pain of love. And it’s a bad thing to suffer for love. But no more. Then it’s all right, you drink a champagne and you forget everything.”

When asked if she’s afraid of anything, Morena replied: “I’m not afraid of anything. What hurts me are the disappointments that certain people cause you. Or you give and get paid badly. Or be there and after, they are canceled. I’m a good person and that’s why I suffer. But we’ll be fine.”

Source: Clarin

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