Quilmes Rock 2022: the second date was huge and the relentless influx of fans didn’t stop to see Nathy Peluso and Divididos

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Quilmes Rock 2022: the second date was huge and the relentless influx of fans didn’t stop to see Nathy Peluso and Divididos

Turf live on the second day of Quilmes Rock 2022.

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The second Quilmes Rock date began with a spectacular day that invited the trip to Tecnópolis to start early. In fact, by noon it was obvious the relentless arrival of thousands of fans, who filled the venue until it was full when night fell and many artists played on five stages.

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Undoubtedly, the attraction of this type of festival is the massive number of concerts, but there is always a major magnet, or two. And just as the shows at Las Pelotas and Gorillaz became conveners on Saturday, on the second date there were powerful names like Lit Killah, Nathy Peluso, Divididos and the Catupecu Machu reunion. For every taste.

beautiful moments on Sunday

In the middle of the afternoon, Turf gave a great show with a perfect repertoire, with hits like White magic and a luxurious closure in Cucho Parisi, from Los Auténticos Decadentes.

In the same place as the two main stages, the beloved Decadentes immediately climbed -exactly-, being applauded from the very moment the 15th! they climbed on stage. It was a party from start to finish, as usual for them.

Also, as they always do, the first voices alternate and there are songs by Cucho, the others are by Jorge Serrano and a stretch by Diego Demarco. Includes first titles We, on the other hand, how can I forget Y asshole. The question of “Where’s the pirate crowd this afternoon?” pay tribute to The Piratesand an intro from Cucho to Serrano led to Heart.

In the end there was a return of kindness and Joaquín Levinton and Lea Lopatín joined La cousin lejana. And about the closure they came Kissing you, The big lord, The blonde moron (from new album DNA), your habit is crazyand the encore with And the band went on.

Chinese Bandalos, overwhelmed, and Nathy is bowed

Entering the 7:00 pm time slot, Bándalos Chinos played on the Claro Stage and confirmed that his popularity was immense, to an extent that the volume of the public outdoors greatly exceeds the area. The group opened My Partyfollowed all the funk on pop paranoid and later his guest was Emmanuel Horvilleur.

And while that show was going on, Nathy Peluso started on the Quilmes stage, with her first local performance after the strong international departure of her career. It was performed by an impeccable band that had some sound problems, beyond its great ability to be well from the Caribbean arrangement to the pop that characterizes it.

Nathy’s personality is overflowing. She has perfect stage command, recreating moments from her choreos, posing for the cameras, acting and singing in her personal and unique style while performing a great physical display.

The public is delusional Mafia, Crime, Buenos Airesthe recent Emergency Y To live like this is to die in lovehis successful version of Camilo Sesto’s hit, which closed out a historic set.

The opinion of the Quilmes brand director

In an official statement mid -afternoon, Quilmes director Pepe Sayús said: “For us, as a brand that supports music, a huge desire to bring back Quilmes Rock 2022, which will undoubtedly remain in history of Argentine festivals.We have exceeded our expectations and this edition has allowed us to enjoy a generational and cultural crossroads, not only on an artistic level but also in public, where parents and children shared new genres of music, established artists and musicians ”.

temporary balance

The return of Quilmes Rock, after nearly ten years, is deserved a reflection on changes in the music and entertainment industryin addition to the mass music taste of the public.

On the one hand, there is the artistic grid the ingenuity of not closing in on the old rock of Argentina which fed into the programming of previous editions. Names that are a great attraction for the young public are included, such as Trueno, Lit Killah, Nathy Peluso and artists who are experiencing their first blow to being massive, such as Knowing Russia, Juan Ingaramo and Bándalos Chinos.

On the other hand, the emergence of new festivals has changed the experience of long time living in a large area with crowds beyond the capacity of a football stadium. Places in the past like Club Ciudad and GEBA would be uncomfortable, and Tecnópolis ’attempt seems valid, but it’s not without it. circulatory problems for so many people.

Set aside the subject for the always endless queue to eat or go to the bathroom, in addition to the problems of getting in and out of the car, and the noticeable difference in experiences between the general field and the next level, called and Fan Field.

Undoubtedly, Tecnópolis has the necessary enormous size, in addition to the friendly presence of dinosaurs and out-of-service vaccination stand, but no festival has yet been held there according to the high quality standards demanded by the public. The return of Quilmes Rock is welcomebut sometimes it seems to need to be updated to current needs and standards.


Source: Clarin

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