Lali Espósito’s harsh message to Cosquín Rock after a new meeting with Javier Milei: “For those who are antipatriates”

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Like the rapper Dillom, the singer Lali Esposito he was another of the artists who added a political flavor to his presentation Cosquín Rock. She did it later Javier Milei republished a user’s post questioning his participation in that festival.

Before starting one of the songs from his repertoire, the former Casi Ángeles dedicated a few minutes to making a reflection that aroused his audience on several occasions. “This is a very special show for me because not only am I fulfilling an artist’s dream of being present at such an event. Everything that happens to the artist is a collective matter and does not depend only on the artist, but exclusively on the public. It’s not demagogy. “I want to celebrate it today,” she began.

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“I thought of a lot of things to say. You imagine the context. The most important thing, at least for me, is that this party that we Argentines are, this union that generates art, music, culture, no one will ever take it away from us”, he underlined, eliciting the first ovation from the public. The people of he.

Then he added: “This song is for the liars, the stupid, the bad people, those who don’t value, the anti-country… All”.

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The singer changed the lyrics of her song “Who am I?” after receiving new questions from Javier Milei about networks.

In another part of her show, the artist who recently confirmed her romance with Pedro Rosemblat also changed the lyrics of one of her songs. “And if I smoke, and if I live, and if I say. “That if I drink, that if I have kissed many”, we read in the original version “Who are they?”.

Tonight Lali sang “that if I smoke, that if I live, that if I drink, “If I live off the state”getting a standing ovation from the audience.

A retweet by Javier Milei reignited the controversy with Lali Espósito

Lali Espósito was the protagonist of a new controversy with Javier Milei this Saturday and it became trending for several hours on social networks.

It all started following an attitude of the President, very active on X (formerly Twitter), where he has more than two million followers. On that social network, the president reposted a user’s post that referenced the popular artist.

The internet user had echoed a message published by Lali herself in which she announced that she would perform this weekend at Cosquín Rock.

Like rapper Dillom, Lali Espósito added a political touch to his presentation at Cosquín Rock.Like rapper Dillom, Lali Espósito added a political touch to his presentation at Cosquín Rock.

“How dangerous, how sad“, wrote the user next to the publication of the interpreter Disciplina, alluding to the message that the singer had published in X on August 13, the date on which the result of the primary, open, simultaneous and compulsory elections (PASO) was known.

“Is this recital also ‘free’? Or now that they don’t pay you with people’s money, do you have to pay the entrance fee? that was circulating online.

Source: Clarin

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