Big Brother: Lisandro explained why he lied at the casting

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“Lisandro, I have to talk to you,” Santiago del Moro said to Lisandro at the beginning of the gala. Big Brother (Telefe).

At that moment Licha’s attitude changed completely, and he remained serious. He couldn’t even celebrate being the first to leave the plate. At that point, the driver called the participant to the confessional, where she asked him why she had denied their relationship before entering the house. In his presentation, Licha said he was single, but once he entered the house he claimed he was in a relationship and was “in love”.

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In the confessional, Del Moro pointed out this situation to the participant, who explained why he had lied during the casting phase.

“I signed up in March. I signed up when I was single. And I met her in June. When they called me for the first casting we had been dating for two months. “We weren’t dating, nothing.”Lysander began to detail.

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And he continued: “I officially became engaged ten days before entering. Because I felt it, I didn’t want to put the relationship on hold, I’m very much in love, crazy about her.”

“It happened to me… I was very afraid of being excluded from the competition. I told her about the casting only at the third or fourth casting”, added Lisandro, who admitted that he thought that if he had said that they were dating he would have less chance of entering Big Brother.

Lisandro spoke about his relationship with his girlfriend in the confessional.  Capture TV.Lisandro spoke about his relationship with his girlfriend in the confessional. Capture TV.

“I thought that when choosing the participants, if they saw me or a single person, they would prefer the other person”Licha paled, honestly.

“I still think I told her not to go to the stands the day I entered the house,” Lisandro continued. “I should have paid more attention to my heart than my head. “He should have been there,” he added, naming Mili, his partner.

The driver explained that he felt he needed to clarify this “because it was a fact, pieces that didn’t fit together.”

“You almost gave me a heart attack. When you told me I was thinking about everything, with a lot of revolutions,” admitted Licha, who clarified: “I’m totally in love.”

Del Moro also spoke to Mili, present in the stands.

Del Moro with Mimì, Licha's girlfriend.  Capture TV.Del Moro with Mimì, Licha’s girlfriend. Capture TV.

“When he showed up at the casting he was really single, and in the meantime we met,” said the young woman.

And then he explained that Licha’s decision to present herself as single was discussed between the two and was taken to protect her.

Licha’s presentation to Big Brother


A new edition of the reality show has begun.

Source: Clarin

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