Mirtha Legrand turns 97: the details of the celebration

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Mirtha Legrand will turn 97 He Friday 23 February and he will celebrate it in his apartment in the Palermo district. Details have already emerged on what has been prepared for the celebration: who will be your guests and who is your dearest family member who will not be able to be present.

As usual on every presenter’s birthday, the appointment is at 8.30pm and before enjoying dinner with her guests, Mirtha intends to go down to the atrium of the building to speak to the press who will await her word.

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The number of guests is estimated to be around 50 people. This year, There will be some absences at Chiqui’s party. The most notable is that of his nephew and producer Nacho Avenuewho is doing one of his motorbike trips outside Argentina.

However, the person who will travel specifically to accompany Mirtha Legrand is her daughter Marcela Tinayrewho will return from Miami, United States, especially for the occasion, and Juana Viale, who will be accompanied by her children.

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Just as Mirtha couldn’t go to Susana Giménez’s 80th birthday party that took place in Punta del Este, Uruguay, Susana won’t be at Chiqui’s 97th birthday party either: after finishing her summer season of show Judas skinhe went to rest in Miami.

Mirtha Legrand and Juana Viale, grandmother and granddaughter.  Photographic printMirtha Legrand and Juana Viale, grandmother and granddaughter. Photographic print

A very dear friend of Mirtha, Tete Coustarotthis year he will be missing from the party since, like Carlos Rottemberg – Chiqui’s friend and former partner of Daniel Tinayre -, he is fulfilling work commitments in Mar del Plata.

Among the guests who will go to toast with the host are the directors of El Trece Adrián Suar and Pablo Codevilla, Jorge Lanata and his wife Elba Marcovecchiothe public relations specialist Alessandro Verutis, Coca Calabrobusiness man Martin Cabrales and the owners of the Costa Galana hotel in Mar del Plata María del Carmen and Claudia Álvarez Argüelles.

The menu, the costumes and a truly special musical show

Mirtha Legrand will once again offer her guests a luxurious musical show. “Last year Raúl Lavié sang, This year Jairo will be the one putting on a show“, said Pampito Perelló Aciar Intruders (America, 12.30 pm).

The speaker also highlighted that this time Chiqui decided to celebrate her birthday with very close family and friends without any politician.

As for the menu, will continue the tradition of ordering it from the Schuster Catering company. Guests will be welcomed with a very varied selection of tapas and appetizers. Rumor has it that Mirtha’s main course of choice will be pan-fried semolina gnocchi for individual paella.

And after dessert – which will have meringue, dulce de leche, ice cream and strawberries -, a cake specially designed to celebrate the television host’s 97th birthday will be served.

Like every February 23, Mirtha will change her wardrobe in the midst of the celebration. The clothes she will wear will be exclusive designs by Iara and Claudio Cosano. Everything will take place under the supervision of his faithful advisor Héctor Vidal Rivas.

Before celebrating her birthday, Mirtha will record her show on Friday, which will air on Saturday.  Capture TVBefore celebrating her birthday, Mirtha will record her show on Friday, which will air on Saturday. Capture TV

Tireless worker, before the birthday party, Mirtha Legrand will record her program at noon on Friday Mirtha’s night which will air on Saturday at the usual time of 9.30pm.

At the moment there are three confirmed guests for the broadcast of the program on Saturday: Arturo Puig, Laurita Fernández and Lucía Galán.

Source: Clarin

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