Tefi Russo told in private what Pollo Álvarez is like and revealed a particular detail

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After winning the award for Latina Influencer of the Year at People’s Choice Awards 2024, Tefi Russo was invited to Not very correct (El Trece, 17 years old), where her husband works as a driver, Joaquín El Pollo Álvarezand there the cook revealed intimate details about her partner.

It was Estefi Berardi who delved into the couple’s intimacy with a spicy question: “I heard a voice some time ago. “Is it true that when it comes to sex, Pollo Álvarez is half a machine?”

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“I’m thinking about how not to make you look bad” the creator of the “Useless” account began. And then, Tefi, El Pollo’s accomplice, confessed: “It’s true that at the beginning perhaps we didn’t understand each other much in that area.”

“But what he learned and what he does…”, Tefi immediately clarified, faced with her husband’s embarrassed smile. Then, Russo threw a cross at the driver by revealing his evolution in that field. “Now he’s insatiable,” the chef said, drawing applause from his colleagues.

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In a previous note, in which Tefi was interviewed by El Pollo Álvarez for Resort casinoa series of interviews that the presenter conducts on Infobae, the young cook had provided more details on her marriage to the sports journalist.

“When I met you on a TV show, it was the first time in a long time that I was single. I’ve always been in long-term relationships, but I was at a stage where I wanted to get laid and had 12 on my radar. I numbered them because with my friends we call them the 12 apostles,” Russo admitted about the beginnings of their relationship.

Tefi Russo conveyed intimacy about her partner with Joaquín El Pollo Álvarez.Tefi Russo conveyed intimacy about her partner with Joaquín El Pollo Álvarez.

So, El Pollo asked his wife what the average time per week a couple should have sex is. “We never had sex every day,” she said, seeking her husband’s complicity.

Tefi Russo and El Pollo Álvarez.Tefi Russo and El Pollo Álvarez.

“I don’t understand people who say they have sex every day,” he managed to say. “I had sex every day. Many times a day, right? “Not even at 20?” insisted the cook, teasing her companion.

“Now I’m worried because we went down, it’s gone,” he said, laughing. Meanwhile, she justified the reason for the drop in attendance: “Because of time, routine, tiredness, hormones, life itself.” In any case, Tefi warned: “Anyway, we do the things we do very well,”

Regarding the fantasies they would like to realize as a couple, the influencer acknowledged: “For me there are many fantasies that are nice to realize and others that are very nice to keep as fantasies.”

Then, she complained to the driver: “I’ve been telling you for seven years that I want to play strangers. As for how she would like that fantasy to come true, she clarified: ‘We go to a bar, we dress differently than we usually do.’ We have a drink, you come closer and we start talking as if we were two people with different names, who are dedicated to something else.”

Source: Clarin

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