“Coppola, the Representative” already has a release date and a new trailer

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After generating great expectations with the first advances, the official trailer and release date From Coppola, the representativeTHE biopic about Diego’s coach Armando Maradona.

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It will arrive on Star+ on March, 15.

The character of the controversial and media-focused Guillermo Coppola will be played Juan Minujin, who is virtually unrecognizable in the trailer. The actor’s great transformation is one of the elements of these first images that stands out the most.

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Juan Minujín with Guillermo Coppola, who gave "absolute freedom" to make the series.  Photo: Stella+.Juan Minujín with Guillermo Coppola, who gave “absolute freedom” to make the series. Photo: Stella+.

Coppola gave the green light

The comedy drama about the best-known representative of the 90s is directed by Ariel Winograd and written Emanuel Diez.

The series has the approval of Guillermo Coppola himself, who has already stated in several interviews that he has granted both.”absolute freedom“to make the series.

Minujín, in the party role of Maradona's media representative.  Photo: Stella+.Minujín, in the party role of Maradona’s media representative. Photo: Stella+.

“In a humorous way, the fictional series revolves around Guillermo Coppola, the coach of one of the most famous footballers in the world, who tries to balance his hectic private life with a full-time job that leads him to deal with the unusual consequences of actions of his client, whose sporting peak is quickly followed by a period of sharp decline,” explains the official synopsis.

Coppola, the representative will have six 45-minute episodeswhich will try to capture the essence of an era, closely following the life of Coppola, who was undoubtedly one of its protagonists for a long time.

Minujín will be accompanied in this project by a stellar cast. Among them Yayo Guridi who will play the role of Flaco Hoguera. María del Cerro and Federico Barón, who will become, will also participate Karina Rabolini and Daniele Scioli.

What the official trailer shows

The preview lasts almost two minutes and definitely leaves you wanting to see more. “Diego today is an idea, an illusion”, is the first thing we hear Minujín say, already in the role of Guillermo Coppola.

Official poster of "Coppola, the representative".  Photo: Stella+Official poster of “Coppola, the representative”. Photo: Stella+

“No one knows better than me how to sell this illusion to people,” he continues to say in what appears to be a meeting with prominent businessmen. They then automatically leave aside the aspect of pure and simple representative, and show for the first time the media side of the character.

There we see the first images of María Campos as Susana Giménez. “With you, Guillermo Coppola,” he says in the first seconds, when we see from the protagonist’s point of view how he enters the television studio of one of the most tuned-in television programs of the moment.

We then move on to another of the best-known aspects of this multifaceted character: his taste for parties, money, women. We also see it in action, in the DJ booth of a bowling alley.

But without a doubt the highlight of the trailer is the following, when we see Coppola at the moment in which the famous anecdote of Maradona’s black Ferrari was falsified.

At this moment in the trailer we see the representative of “El Diego” negotiating with the executives of the famous car company to have a custom-made Ferrari F40, a model that was no longer produced.

And it is precisely that same anecdote that leads towards the end of the trailer, which at its center anticipates the scandals in which the coach of one of the most famous players in the history of football was involved. “And it makes you think… Black Ferrari,” says Minujín, imitating an Italian accent, as he tells the anecdote to a model on a yacht.

The series on Maradona’s controversial manager will be available starting Friday 15 March on Star+.

Source: Clarin

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