This is Lali Espósito’s luxurious country house: it is valued at more than 2 million dollars

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Lali Esposito (32) is one of the most recognized singers at a national level and after starring in the controversial conflict with the President of the Nation, Javier Milei, she has become one of the most critical Argentine pop voices towards the current political management.

Furthermore, the artist has had a successful career in entertainment for 22 years. which allowed him to acquire a luxurious property worth 2.1 million dollars.

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The building is located in the Zona Norte within the distinguished private San Jorge Village Country Club neighborhood -where she is a neighbor of Marley and other characters from the show- and It has 2,750 m2 where it is distributed two floors with a total of four bedrooms and five bathrooms Furthermore an enclosed barbecue area and two dining areas (one formal and one daily).

The walls of the residence are dominated by pastel tones While There is a lot of wood on the floors and door frames.. Even the property It has a huge garden with numerous plants and a huge swimming pool to be enjoyed during the sunniest and hottest days.

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For Lali, light is another of the fundamental elements to consider when owning a house.

In fact, there are giants in the mansion Windows with wood-coloured PVC frame which connect with the garden and whose combination with the white of the walls gives the property a minimalist style which is accompanied by the hushed tones of the ceiling.

Lali Espósito's house in the north Paparazzi MagazineLali Espósito’s house in the north Paparazzi Magazine

The interior of the imposing palace

On the ground floor of the property is located the kitchen with living room to which Espósito added a carpet and large armchairs of several bodies which, in turn, he decorated with numerous cushions. Two more red chairs and two glass tables complete the space.

Your room -located on the first floor- It has a private bathroom Furthermore a large dressing room with shelves and hangers to place your countless pairs of shoes and hang your clothes.

Lali Espósito's house in the northern area Magazine Diario PerfilLali Espósito’s house in the northern area Magazine Diario Perfil

One of the most attractive spaces is the gallery overlooking the garden. This room is also decorated with wooden armchairs and white cushions to match the palace aesthetic.

Profile of the bathroom and bedroom of Lali Espósito's houseProfile of the bathroom and bedroom of Lali Espósito’s house

How could it not be otherwise, upstairs, Espósito has his own recording studio to create songs at home. There, the singer is not alone He treasures his guitars but also has audio equipment and computers installed to produce each of the songs he composes there.

Source: Clarin

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