New erotic audios of Cristian Castro leak: “Everything boils, they are over the top”

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In THEY (America, 20 years old), the series hosted by Ángel De Brito, new audio with a high erotic content was broadcast today which Cristian Castro (49) sent several women to them.

It should be remembered that the singer was in the eye of the media storm a few days ago when he separated from Córdoba Mariela Sánchez (42) after two weeks of dating and after announcing that he wanted to marry her.

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“Yesterday we put on an audio and today we have others to play,” said De Brito, who on Tuesday had broadcast the audio in which the singer says to a woman: “”What a delicious thing… what a delicious thing. How cute… I’ll suck you all. I can see you? Let me see you without the above, let me see them. Let me look over there too.”

“He gets pretty pushy with the girls,” said speaker Pepe Ochoa, who brought the audio into the program. “One of them, Virginia, told me that she had almost no contact with him during an event they were organizing and he, “Suddenly, showed up at her apartment. She was scared.”

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So, without further ado, THEY They played two high voltage erotic audios that Cristian Castro sent to two different women.

Cristian Castro’s super erotic audio: “I will suck you deliciously”

In the longest and hottest scene, Verónica Castro’s son begins by telling the girl: “Oh, my love, how good. Everything boils over me. I exceeded the temperature. I want to suck you there, love”,

“Oh, mom…” he then exclaims, “I look at those eyes and I have a heart attack. I want to be two millimeters from your face.”

Then he promises:”I will eat you very rich, like no one else in life. I will caress you deliciously. The head… the neck… I will suck you deliciously“.

“I’m very excited when I see you. I’m super excited,” Castro emphasizes. And he proposes: “My life, I already want to sleep with you. I hug you deliciously. I hug you all night.”

Another hot audio from Cristian Castro appeared: "I will suck you deliciously."  Capture TV.Another hot audio from Cristian Castro appeared: “I will suck you deliciously.” Capture TV.

Cristian Castro kept telling the woman in question: “Mmmm… I’ll make love to you. I’ll grab your feet… your legs… I’ll open them for you… Oh, how good: I’ll put my fingers inside you!“.

“Oh, love, I’ll kiss you, I want your tongue… I want to feel your saliva, how good…“, he insists. And he concludes the audio by saying: “I wish you much my love. I wish you so much, my life. Very”.

A few minutes earlier, inside THEY They had broadcast another hot audio of Cristian Castro to a woman to whom, in addition to telling her that he desires her sexually, he proposes to travel together to Paris.

“I’m going to sleep and sending you lots of kisses. Wake up well, my love. I can’t wait. What a delicious gift, what a beautiful gift. I want to suck you. How divine. Come on, let’s check the dates…”

“How beautiful you are, my love, you are beautiful, you are so young: you are 24 or 25 years old… Oh, love, you look so good on the Eiffel Tower! I would have loved to be there with you. “With whom did you go?” she asks and does the onomatopoeia of kisses: “Mua, mua, mua”.

Cristian Castro, in Punta del Estes.  Photo RS Photo.Cristian Castro, in Punta del Estes. Photo RS Photo.

“With me I want you to come with me. Let’s see if you like the song: it’s called ‘Paris is a trap'”, continues the Mexican. She replies: “Two months ago I was in Paris.” “We can make the video together. Let’s get to know each other better, it’s what I want most in life“, replies Cristian Castro.

At the end of the audio, De Brito commented: “Always more or less the same audios for different girls at different stages of their lives. And the theme of inviting them to his shows and trips to Japan or Paris is a recurring one.”

Source: Clarin

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