When Kirchner invented pornography

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Kirchnerism is a movement that comes from afar. Perhaps this is an ancestor of Nestor – obviously there is no certainty about this – but, unfortunately, in this case it is not a known “ism”.

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Albert Kirchner. That was his name. He was the first Kirchner to become famous. He entered the history of cult cinema for being, together with a colleague, who He was behind the camera in the first conditional film that we know of.

French film, a little daring and with a comedic twist. Year? 1896. Seeing it today is child’s play. It couldn’t even be compared to The Satyrknown as the first pornographic film shot in Argentina shortly thereafter, in 1907.

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His name was Alberto, he was French and his name was Kirchner. Stop tempting yourself with similarities! Towards the end of the 19th century this Kirchner was a kind of terrible child of a novelty still in its infancy: erotic cinema was one of the most urgent expressions of recent “poor” cinema.

In 1895, in Paris, the brothers Louis and Auguste Lumière They had made the first public screening with their invention, the cinema projector.

Immediately, a year later, Kirchner and his friend Eugène Pirou, two photographers dazzled by the discovery of the Lumières, set out as precursors of a genre, and they did so with a film of standard length for the time: Le Coucher de la Mariéesomething like the The evening of the weddingit underwent some adulteration, but never lasted more than seven minutes.

As one of Porcel and Olmedoit revolved around the wedding night of a newlywed couple.

Albert Kirchner.  Could he be an ancestor of the former Argentine president?Albert Kirchner. Could he be an ancestor of the former Argentine president?

The story of an involuntary hero

Alfred López, a Catalan who wrote There’s the smart one who knows everything about sex, specifies that Pirou was responsible for the production, while Kirchner took care of the filming. In other words, Kirchner was the primitive czar of conditioned cinema. An involuntary hero, father of children who would come later. We are indebted to Kirchner deep Throat.

Kirchner used a pseudonym, Léar. It was called his Linda Lovelace and the actress’s fetish Louis Willy. In the film she recreates a striptease pantomime for which he would later become popular on the Parisian burlesque stages.

His founding experience was so successful that Willy arrived on stage at the Olympia in Paris, where he would play years later. Astor Piazzolla.

The original film was three minutes long, little more than a TV commercial. After the event of Le Coucher de la MariéeKirchner (Léar) continued to produce films of that nature.

consulted by Clarion, Caesar Jones, the Lars Von Trier of national porn cinema, believes that the evolution of the genre “disturbs and annoys because it highlights the animal that we are”. He says that if he were to do an anthropological analysis, he would do explicit research. “Porn films involve a notorious plot that serves as an excuse for explicit sexan aspect that I like more and more.”

César Jones, exponent of the new national porn cinema.  "The genre stages theCésar Jones, exponent of the new national porn cinema. “Gender shows the animal that we are.”

“Porn,” he adds, “is a special case of sublimation: it is a fact of civilization whose purpose is to represent primary impulses. I suppose this is why, in part, it becomes an uncomfortable object for criticism, the academic world and the world of culture”. culture in general”.

United world voyeur

At first “pornography” was considered what today, through diversity, could be a spectacle suitable for all audiences. Naturally, voyeurism began to multiply followers on a large scale. In the Puritan circles of the United States they were called “Stag Party Movies.”

Historians in the sector say that a kiss, in those times, could cause tachycardia. France, however, had a different opening. Far from scandalizing, this type of cinema merely naturalized the satirical aesthetic of the cabaret environment.

The first recorded performance of the great Willy crossed over from independent to mainstream cinema. Patha French company that was beginning to dedicate itself to the industry, decided to film it again in 1904 and again in 1907. All this turned the film into a museum piece.

Argentina, porn mecca

In 1907, while Miss Louis Willy still enjoyed wild popularity Coca Sarlion the coast of Quilmes in a country called Argentina, they filmed The Satyr. The filming occurred about 60 years before pornography was legalized. Only in 1969, within the so-called Sex 69, a massive sex fair, Denmark became the first nation in the world to formalize the activity.

"El Sátiro", the first Argentine pornographic film.“El Sátiro”, the first Argentine pornographic film.

Around 1905, for unknown reasons related to censorship, Pornographic, i.e. clandestine, productions moved to countries such as Mexico and Argentina. Buenos Aires soon became the mecca for crafts of this type.

Banks of Quilmes. Three naked women begin to caress each other (lesbianism) and a masked man (The Satyr) kidnaps one of them. Being a four minute short, saying more would be the height of a spoiler.

The founding film by Kirchner and company was reduced to one chapter heidi in front of the basin and Buenos Aires bet shot near the river: oral sex, submission, chilling bushes. Fernando San Martinoauthor of Argentine silent cinema from 1896 to 1932, opens the debate convinced that The Satyr It’s actually the first truly pornographic film.

The truth is that in those years, conditioned cinema immediately took risks and raised the stakes. German I’m Abend (In the afternoondated 1910) is not only ten minutes long, but begins with a girl masturbating in the foreground.

What happens next: Fellatio, sexual intercourse and homosexuality. The daring extravaganza continues to be considered the riskiest “stag movie” in history.

Source: Clarin

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