Mauro, Darío, Paloma, Damián and Florencia: what the new protagonists of Big Brother are like

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A new phase has begun Big Brother (Telefe, 10.30 pm), as announced by host Santiago Del Moro. What happens is that yesterday they entered the house five new participants. And then Sabrina and Denisse came back.

The new actors of reality are: Mauro, Darío, Paloma, Damián and Florencia.

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As usual, while they greeted Del Moro in the studio, the videos in which each of them made their own presentation were broadcast.

Mauro he introduced himself by saying: “I like going to electronic parties. Yes Mauro D’Alessio“I live in Villa Urquiza and I am a marketing manager in a footwear company.”

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“I’m a very romantic guy and I love cheesy Yankee movie type plans, but I’ve never had a girlfriend. “I usually like blonde girls,” she added.

He later stated: “I’m very self-centered with my image and how I like to be seen. But later in the rest of my life I’m not like that anymore. I played rugby from the age of 6 or 7 until the age of 20 years and I didn’t do it anymore because it was very bad and I don’t consider myself that way Tincho“But people think I’m model Tincho,” he added.

Mauro.  Telefe press photo.Mauro. Telefe press photo.

Dario, the player who already knew Virginia

The second to enter was Dario Martinez. And his letter of introduction was as follows: “I am from La Plata and have been working in the automotive industry for almost 20 years. I have four children, two girls and two boys. I also have a grandson.”

“With my wife we ​​have been going back and forth for 32 years, because I separated twice. My first strategy will be to immediately incorporate myself into the group. The moment will be worth its weight in gold.”

Dario.  Telefe press photo.Dario. Telefe press photo.

Once you enter the house, Darío turned pale because he already knew Virginia, the participant also originally from La Plata. “It’s not bad to know each other first,” replied Del Moro.

Paloma: “People ask me if I am or if I am”

Pigeon.  Telefe press photo.Pigeon. Telefe press photo.

Then it was time to do it Pigeon Méndez: “I’m a good character – he admitted -. People ask me if I am or if I am. I’m from Martínez”.

“I studied photography, but only four lessons. Afterwards I studied therapeutic accompaniment, but I didn’t finish it. Studying is not my thing. I like cleaning… I don’t like arguing, but I have a lot of character”, he added.

Damian.  Telefe press photo.Damian. Telefe press photo.

The fourth new player to show up was Damian César: “I’m from Villa Carlos Gardel,” he said. “I’ve worked as a bus driver, wholesaler, in a nightclub, dancer… I adapt to any circumstance. I had friends involved in crime, but I never got into it.. “I have a very little sister, who I don’t want to go through what I went through.”

Florencia’s surprising statement: “I don’t like bathing”

Florence.  Telefe press photo.Florence. Telefe press photo.

The latest addition was Florencia Regidor. The young woman was immediately surprised because the first thing she said when introducing herself was: “I don’t like bathing. I wash my armpits a little, take a Polish bathbut I don’t wash my hair, is that wrong?”

Having said that, he added: “I’m a model and in my life I have had to struggle with quite a few eating disorders. “I’m a good person, kind and I usually get along well with people, although not so much with women because they are a bit envious and constantly compare themselves, treat you coldly or love your boyfriend.”

Some time before, two already known participants had returned and had been appropriately eliminated: Denise and Sabrina.

On the way back: Denisse and Sabrina, still competing.  Telefe press photo.On the way back: Denisse and Sabrina, still competing. Telefe press photo.

The surprise was not entirely surprising for the inhabitants of the house because, shortly before the gala, a shout came from outside warning them that the two would return to the game.

Source: Clarin

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