A Spanish driver left his program live after being accused of harassment on social networks

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Spanish television experienced a surprising moment when the well -known host Jorge Javier Vázquez left his program Save me, in the middle of the air, accused of harassment.

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The surprising case was reported in show partners (El Trece, Monday through Friday at 11), where they interviewed a Spanish journalist to tell the details of the case.

In the series hosted by Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich, they show the moment where Vázquez read a message from his cell phone and decided to leave the program. the

Jorge Javier Vázquez, all over the air, when he decided to leave the “Sálvame” program.

Jorge Javier Vázquez, all over the air, when he decided to leave the “Sálvame” program.

“Spain is paralyzed. This case is serious because the driver of Save me he left the apartment accused of abuse. This is a surprising case”, revealed Lussich, who later corrected that it was not abuse but harassment.

“This woman just uploaded the hashtag #StopAcoso in her stories. ‘Jorge Javier Vázquez, that man has been harassing me for 25 minutes, insulting me, harassing me and asking to be fired. All because he told the truth in one call. An uncomfortable fact, ”the driver began.

Then, the presenter looked at the camera and said: “Don’t worry, Marta Riesco, Do you know what we will do? That at this point, I think the chain needs to make decisions. “

“If you have a presenter harassing a writer, I think the best thing is to leave the presenter until things are resolved. Good afternoon, I’m leaving”, He sentenced.

The Spanish driver left the studio.  TV Capture

The Spanish driver left the studio. TV Capture

“It happened on the air yesterday, the driver said:‘ If they accuse me of harassment, I’m leaving, ’” Lussich explained while reading the holders of the most important portal in Spain which refers to the news.

After the tape, the Argentine driver introduced Spanish journalist Javier de Hoyos, so that he could tell more details about the subject. “Spain is now paralyzed and glued to television. And now you will be completely dead when I explain what happened. Jorge Javier Vázquez left the program, but they did not say who the editor was, “he began as de Hoyos.

And he continued: “You know very well who Rocío Jurado is and that he has a daughter named Rocío Carrasco. Rocío Carrasco I know that he came to Argentina about a year ago and reported that his ex, Antonio David, is abusing her.Well, this woman (by Marta Riesco) She is the current girlfriend of Antonio David, who was expelled there. ”

“She (for Riesco) is that woman and she always says she wants to be a journalist, but she doesn’t stop doing things that they make him a character in the media all the time“, He added.

Then, Lussich decided to pass on the information he provided about Hoyos: “To order information: Rocío Jurado is the diva of Spain, the greatest. His daughter married this man, who was expelled from the program that.I mean, Rocío Jurado’s ex -son -in -law was kicked out of this program and now his current girlfriend is accusing the driver of harassment and the man has left the set.

The reason you reported him for harassment was because he was just giving his opinion, because he spends hours and hours talking about his private life. She has gone from being a journalist to a mediatic ”, concluded the Spanish communicator.


Source: Clarin

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