Morena Rial expressed all her anger towards Luis Ventura for having told about her pregnancy: “I’m really sexy”

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Morena Rial (25) spoke again Luis Ventura (68) and was very angry at the attitude of the journalist, who was the one who confirmed on air that she was pregnant with her second child.

In dialogue with THEY (América TV, Monday to Friday at 8pm) the daughter of Jorge Rial (62) said that she is very angry with her godfather, who she also calls “uncle”.

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She also assured that she was surprised, that it is a delicate issue, that she has not yet reached the third month of pregnancy and that it is up to her to publicly confirm the news.

“The truth is, I’m a little angry because they talked and They confirmed something I should have said. “I’m angry with whoever confirmed it, with Ventura,” Morena began, without hesitation.

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And he explained: “Because he is my uncle. The truth hit me hard. I don’t understand the reason for the confirmation. It’s a health matter that shouldn’t be confirmed until the protagonist speaks. It seems to me that it is a delicate topic.”

“I don’t know what the fuck was going through his head. “I’m really hot”She complained.

Morena Rial underlined her anger with Luis Ventura.  Capture TV.Morena Rial underlined her anger with Luis Ventura. Capture TV.

In this context, More explained that he had not communicated with the journalist from A la Tarde (América TV) after what happened because He doesn’t want to “bardear” and points out that he told his father.

“I’m really surprised, look at Luis He was one of the first people to discover it. I honestly don’t understand what was going through your mind.“I don’t know if he missed it or what, because I don’t understand it,” he insisted.

Morena said there were several journalists who were aware of her pregnancy and, however, chose not to report it.

“Luis did not respect the reasonable time. “We have to wait a while to confirm such sensitive information,” he said before stating that he believes Ventura’s attitude is a “betrayal.”

Morena Rial became engaged to Matías, a 20-year-old boxer.Morena Rial became engaged to Matías, a 20-year-old boxer.

“I don’t understand why he did it. Even though it’s almost time for the end of three months, it seems to me that it’s news that a mother needs to give, not extra,” she said.

Later, when the reporter of America asked Morena how she was with her partner, she was reluctant to answer. It should be noted that the media has long been frequenting Matías Olga, a 20-year-old boxer from Cordoba.

“I’m fine. I’m not talking about my partner, they’ve already leaked too much. “Now I’m here in Buenos Aires and he’s in Córdoba, but we’re fine.”the interviewee replied.

“Was he sought or did God bring him from above?” the journalist wanted to know. “The stork brought it. Appeared”he admitted laughing.

“I’m very well, fortunately very well, but angry”he concluded.

As were Luis Ventura’s statements on Morena Rial’s pregnancy

At the end of March Luis Ventura surprised to reveal it In the afternoon (América TV, Monday to Friday at 4.15pm) Morena Rial was expecting her second child.

The lady, my niece Morena Rial, is pregnant. And I dare to say it because in the last few hours I have had confirmation that his family has been notified”, launched the journalist in the program hosted by Karina Mazzocco.


Jorge Rial’s daughter is expecting her second child. In “In the Afternoon”, America TV.

When asked who the child’s father was, the APTRA president replied: “I don’t know and I don’t care, because I have to bless him anyway.”

“I was surprised, just over a month ago he called me and told me ‘shit, I’m pregnant, I’m not saying it yet because I want to be sure’. He told me that his family had already told him. I saw her fantastic, happy. “He always has energy, he is a tractor.”he detailed later.

And he added: “It seems like one more reason to find a house, to have the peace of mind of having a roof over your head.”

Source: Clarin

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