Roxy Vázquez’s words on her health: “I am very weak”

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After being discharged after being hospitalized for the second time in less than a month after contracting dengue, the journalist and presenter Roxy Vazquez (45) shared how he is going through his recovery.

In dialogue with Clarionthe TN presenter explained that at the moment she is “very tired” and that on medical advice she must “eat well and rest”.

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He also underlined that he will have a new check-up on Thursday and that after the new checks the doctors will evaluate what steps to follow.

“It’s not like I got dengue again. It was a viral condition that, because my defenses were low, crushed me.”Roxy explained via text, because “I’m too weak to talk.”

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It should be remembered that at the beginning of March Roxy surprised by publishing a post on her Instagram account in which she revealed that she was suffering from dengue.

Roxy Vazquez.  Capture Instagram.Roxy Vazquez. Capture Instagram.

“Dengue: Sixth Day”, she wrote alongside an image of the room where she was admitted. And she added: “Thank you for all the messages of support.”

A few hours later, when she was discharged, Vázquez spoke with this medium and reported: “I still have low defenses, so I have to rest at home. “I have to take blood every day to check my blood cells and platelets.”

“I feel very weak. I’m always attached to the 220 and now I’m super slowed down”Be honest.

And she closed by saying that her phone was “exploding” with messages and that she felt very loved.


The journalist had dengue and shared her experience with her colleagues.

Furthermore, at that moment he also spoke Soon (TN), a news program of which she is co-host together with Sergio Lapegüe.

“I had a sharp pain behind my eyes, as if a dagger had been stuck in me. Unlike Covid, my body also hurt a lot. It wasn’t just fever, it was pain, muscle pain, bone pain,” he explained.

And he developed: “I went home, went to bed and almost fainted. Two hours later, when I woke up, I woke up worse, in more pain. My arms hurt, my legs hurt, my head hurts, everything hurts.

“I couldn’t eat.” “After a while I was on the floor. Shake. Decomposed, I vomited everything,” she continued.

Roxy Vázquez confirmed that she has been hospitalized for dengue fever for the second time.Roxy Vázquez confirmed that she has been hospitalized for dengue fever for the second time.

Three weeks later she was admitted to hospital again. “Dengue part 2. Thanks to my family and friends for being there. Thank you to all my colleagues at the news and channel for caring and offering their help,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Take care of yourself, please. “Dengue is no joke”he then added, after thanking the Sanatorio della Trinità in Palermo.

Only a few days ago the driver was discharged again and is resting at home.

“Hi, thanks for everything. Continue recovery at home. Happy Easter”he wrote on the aforementioned social network together with an image of the sanatorium.

The publication of Roxy Vázquez after her resignation.The publication of Roxy Vázquez after her resignation.

On this occasion it was his partner in TN, Sergio Lapegüe, who told the details.

“Many people have asked, Roxy was hospitalized again, after being at home with dengue for three weeks, she had symptoms again, fever and vomiting, they had to admit her to hospital,” said the journalist, replaced in place driving. her partner Carolina Amoroso.

And he added: “They kept her under observation for two days and luckily she is already at home with her family, it’s a very strange thing, a doctor told me that they are seeing very strange cases.”

Source: Clarin

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