“Moon Knight” almost had cameos from other MCU members

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Sixth and final episode of the series with Oscar Isaac arrived on Disney+ last Wednesday (5)

“Moon Knight” almost had cameos from other MCU members; find out which ones – Publicity/Disney+

Mohamed Diabdirector and producer of “Knight of the Moon”, revealed during an interview with Variety that the series starring Oscar Isaac (“Scenes from a Wedding”) nearly had two cameos from heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, the team decided not to put them in the final cut.

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“Marvel gave us the freedom to put cameos wherever we wanted. In the very first scene of the series, originally, there was a crossover. Then, in the last scene, we also had one planned.”said. “As the story unfolded, however, we felt like we just didn’t need it.”completed devil.

Ultimately, the filmmaker explained that it was a joint decision not to add the heroes. “I thought it was kind of a rule, that Marvel would make us include something, but they told us that maybe, on this particular show, the surprise would be that there wasn’t any very big connection to the rest of the stories. That’s what it did. our unique series”declared.

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“The best compliment we can get from people is when you say ‘this show doesn’t feel like a Marvel show’. They say it’s more dramatic, darker, more realistic. I feel like we’ve been successful in bringing Marvel into what we wanted, not the other way around. I’m proud and very happy”he added.

“Moon Knight” follows the life of Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), a kind, polite and apparently normal man, but who discovers he has a double identity, sharing his personality with that of the ruthless mercenary, Marc Spectorwho ends up assuming the powers of the Egyptian god Khonshuafter being between life and death, and becomes the moon knight.

Despite the loose ends left by history, Isaac already revealed, in interviews, that the super production was thought to have only one season and should not have a sequel. At least, not in serial format.

The sixth and final episode of the series arrived on Disney+ last Wednesday (4), completing its first – and possibly – only season. “Knight of the Moon” is still available on the streaming.

The cast of the series still counts with a posthumous participation of Gaspard Uliel (“Hannibal: Origin of Evil”), who recently died in a tragic accident, and with the actors Ethan Hawke (“Corrupted Faith”) and May Calamawy (“Ramy”).

Source: cinebuzz

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