Public TV showed its programming, with many new features and several reruns

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Public TV showed its programming, with many new features and several reruns

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“Argentine Cooks”, among the programs shown today on Public TV.

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“The only channel that speaks to the whole country, with its tunes, culture, image and flavor,” the promotion said, repeated in a loop on a giant screen. Using this federal idea, new cycles, several re -releases and all its figures, Public TV aired its new program this afternoon in the hall of the historic building on Figueroa Alcorta Avenue.

One of the big bets this year is fiction two 20, a unit series that will bring together two characters per episode into a 20-minute story. Hence the title of the program, starring Mariano Martínez, Luciano Cáceres, Benjamín Rojas, Marcela Kloosterboer, Luisa Kuliok, Federico Marrale and Nicolás Cabré, among many others.

"Dos 20", a new program on Public TV

“Dos 20”, a new program on Public TV

The premiere is on Thursday 19 at 11 pm and there will be new broadcasts every Thursday for eight weeks. Actor Osvaldo Santoro, who is also vice president of Radio and Television Argentina (RTA), stressed the importance of this cycle, which is “like theater but on television.”

“The actor is needed in society. This channel needs to speak to everyone who listens and watches this public medium, which reaches everywhere and doesn’t care about ratings. two 20 It has a different format, like theater but on television. It allows you to play with intensity of actions and situations. I want everyone to see it, ”Santoro said of the program, which tonight at 11 pm will have a short preview along with the special Waiting for Two 20.

Coco Sily, Carla Conte and Golombek

Other novelties of public signals are night of the mind, a kind of late night show with games focusing on science, hosted by Coco Sily, Carla Conte and science popularizer Diego Golombek. It will start tonight at 22 and will run from Monday to Friday.

"Mind night", with Coco Sily, Carla Conte and Diego Golombek.

“Mind night”, with Coco Sily, Carla Conte and Diego Golombek.

Another space with a foot in science is music for science (Tuesday, at exactly 11 pm), a project aimed at “showcasing and accompanying the efforts of health researchers”, led by musician Clara Cantore and virologist Andrea Gamarnik.

To Qatar Y Rep World

On the other hand, on Monday, at 11pm, he made his debut To Qatarincluding the countdown to the World Cup and hosted by Pablo Giralt, Miguel Osovi and Sofía Martínez.

Tomorrow (Friday), at 23, will begin Rep Worlda program of interviews with personalities, which will evoke beautiful events in the history of the country, conducted by the cartoonist.

"Mundo Rep", with cartoonist Miguel Rep.

“Mundo Rep”, with cartoonist Miguel Rep.

kitchen and music

Over time, cooking shows have become a sub-genre within television. Argentine Cooks and Argentine Cooks (Monday through Friday, at exactly 1:30 pm) is being renewed for its 14th season, with the addition of Narda Lepes and the return of a friend from home: Ximena Sáenz.

Argentine chefs, season 2022

Argentine chefs, season 2022

Music will also have a place in programming. On the one hand, it started on Tuesday Host (Tuesday through Thursday, 11:30 pm). Lito Vitale welcomes musicians into the evening from a recording studio. Also, the contest is near. Country Festival: Federal Talents.

40 years after the Malvinas War

On the other hand, the 40 years of the Malvinas will have their place in the program 40 years old, which started yesterday (Wednesday the 23rd). There are six fictional chapters about rivalry; another project with the same theme is Falklands and I.which will soon come under the leadership of Julieta Ortega.

“We want to regain the federal dimension of a channel with 240 repeaters and coverage close to 90% of the territory. We also need the country to see itself on Public TV. It is important that the porteño does not show the country to you who live in another province ”, said Claudio Martínez, executive director of Public TV.

Finally, Rosario Lufrano, president of Argentine Public Radio and Television (RTA), featured the moment of the audiovisual industry. “Argentina tends to be a great producer of audiovisual content. We have talents, creativity and stories to tell. We will do it with our accent, our language and our eyes,” said the journalist and officer.


Source: Clarin

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