Pro-Russian group carried out cyberattacks during Ukraine’s Eurovision-winning celebrations

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Pro-Russian group carried out cyberattacks during Ukraine's Eurovision-winning celebrations

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Several attacks were seen during the voting, Italian police said. Photo EFE/EPA/Stepan Franko

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A pro-Russian group carried out several cyberattacks during the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 that ended on Saturday night in the city of Turin with the success of Ukraine, through the Kalush Orchestra, with their song “Stephania”.

The attempts, carried out by “hackers” of the Killnet collective and its branch “Legion” at the voting stage and other moments of the musical event held at the Olympic Palace in Turin, was aborted by Italian police.

Because of this situation, the security forces strengthened their cooperation with RAI Public Television “to guarantee security at international events.”

“The preventive activity carried out by the police based on analysis of information taken from the telegram channels of the pro-Russian groupit also allows the inference of important security information, which has already been shared with the RAI for the prevention of new critical events, ”he said in a statement.

Police activated a Eurovision-dedicated operations room, where police technicians and specialists from the National Computer Anticrime Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (CNAIPIC) worked 24 hours a day at one day, which made it possible to neutralize cyberattacks.

The Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra were the winners of a special evening.  Photo ANSA/Alessandro Di Marco.

The Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra were the winners of a special evening. Photo ANSA/Alessandro Di Marco.

On the whole, the room performed more than 1,000 hours of follow-up by more than 100 specialistswhich monitors the network and analyzes billions of computer data from various social platforms.

“In activities, they perform millions of data scans of compromised IPswhich made it possible to issue essential procedures, thanks to which the attacks were suppressed and repelled, ”police said in that statement.

In addition, they reportedly repelled several DDOS-type cyberattacks targeting network infrastructures during voting and song presentation operations.

From the analysis of the evidence, the CNAIPIC of the Police identified several “PC-Zombies” used for the cyberattack, while the subsequent analysis and investigation outlined the geographical map of the attacks from abroad.

Ukrainian victory

In the midst of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra and their song “Stephanie“They achieved this Saturday an important milestone not only in music, but also in morals and media, by getting the glass microphone of Eurovision 2022 to sing in the motherland.

Her candidacy was imposed on the United Kingdom, second, and Spain, third, which achieved its best position with Chanel and the song “SloMo” since 1984.

After their performance, the Kalush Orchestra asked for “help” for their country, for the city of Mariupol and for the soldiers buried in the Azovstal steel mill, a message that due to its political nature is prohibited in principle in regulations. of the festival, although The organization has not yet decided its consequences.

“Please help Ukraine, please help Mariupol, please help Azovstal”, said the leader of this sextet, Olenh Psink, in a message in which he called for international intervention to help the group of soldiers buried in that factory, the last stronghold of the Ukrainian resistance in that port city.

For his part, the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, also expressed his satisfaction with this success: “Our music covers Europe.”

With information from EFE


Source: Clarin

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