Martín Fierro 2022: Diego Brancatelli and his failure in the most controversial speech of the night

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Martín Fierro 2022: Diego Brancatelli and his failure in the most controversial speech of the night

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Brancatelli spoke when the Intratables program was awarded

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After Alejandro Fantino and Paulo Vilouta, Diego Brancatelli expressed his gratitude for the Martín Fierro award won by Intratables as the best journalism program. This is a statement of less than a minute made by a journalist who follows the Kirchnerist model, enough time to leave some pearls.

One of the main ones is a furcio. He was already in the middle of his speech and discussing the role of journalism, where he asked to “remove their masks and speak, saying where they were thinking”, when a mistake enveloped him. At that time he indicated how to achieve that goal.

“Being honest intellectuals”, he said, although he recovered quickly from that crutch. “Or intellectually honest”corrected also ventured as a supermarket, with not entirely favorable results.

Meanwhile, at the beginning, he praised the professional work of his wife and colleague Cecilia Insinga, whom he described as “the best street reporter.” The reporter regrets that APTRA did not consider the journalist from El Trece and TN for this awards night, and stressed that between them “no cracks”.

Diego Brancatelli, onto the stage with Alejandro Fantino

Diego Brancatelli, onto the stage with Alejandro Fantino

Finally, he said the Intratables program “put senators” in a Chicana with his former partner Carolina Losada, in addition to “economists and politicians”, and issued a warning.

“We’ll be back, and we’ll be back for more”he asserted, and left the lectern not without first making the militant “V” with his left hand.

Cristina Pérez and an award for the people

Cristina Pérez, one of the hosts of Telefé Noticias, also took the stage to welcome Martín Fierro who this program received as the best newscast.

The journalist, located in a antagonistic path to Brancatelliand although there was an air interdict with Alberto Fernández, in the early months of the covid-19 pandemic, the award was dedicated to the “They are not having a good time” because of the situation in the country.

“I wanted to share this with other newscasts appointed to us and with key facts, to Argentines suffering from insecurity, living in inflation in anguishwho were watching us from their homes sharing this party but they were having a very bad time, ”the driver said in a spirited message.

And he added: “We work for them and every day we ask the questions we should ask. We all owe it to them, that they are not satisfied. I offer them the prize of this whole team ”.

For his part, another team member who started gratitude for the eighth award that Telefé Noticias has won in the history of this award, slipped that “maybe it’s time to leave desktop journalism a bit, go back to walk on street and do decent journalism. ”


Source: Clarin

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