Anger at Roberto Petinart’s remarks about the fire at his son Felipe’s house

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Anger at Roberto Petinart's remarks about the fire at his son Felipe's house

Petinart assured that something “cheerful” had happened, but there was even one death in the fire.

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Statement Roberto Petinato About a fire in a neighborhood apartment this Monday night BelgranoWhere was his son Philip And his friend who was killed and generated Indignation In the media and social networks.

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For more information, the driver Sunny morning (Radiopop, Monday-Friday 6am) We talked on the show this Tuesday, talking about how we learned about the incident, and reassuring the audience. Controversial demands I respect the news that comes out in the media about your family.

“”I will tell you a little misfortune of everyday lifeFrom a normal life, I woke up in the morning and did a program. I started talking to the producer at 5:45. Cheerful I knew exactly that time, so I didn’t have time at that time … “he began to say.

An image of a fire in the building and apartment where Felipe Petinato was located.Photo: Lucia Merle

An image of a fire in the building and apartment where Felipe Petinato was located.Photo: Lucia Merle

“The only thing I know is that I talked to Tamara (another of her daughters), and Felipe is fine, he’s fine with this carbon monoxide … I think there was a dead personFinally, three people were injured.Obviously i I don’t believe in the mediaYou can imagine, because it’s infected with sensationalism for a lifetime, so I can’t believe it, “He continued to broadcast his program.

And he continued. “At the end of the program, I talked to my family and Felipe and agreed to see what happened, but I want you to know that he’s okay unfortunately, Hello ((((Hello), Sunny morning And here, and Sometimes these things happen in life …“.

“It’s reassuring to people Believe in the 30% that Yellow Press counts! Now they’ll have a great bloody party, “he controversially concludes.

“”I didn’t understand when you said “cheerful”. Did his friend die? (By Philip) And do you say it’s hilarious?“, This Tuesday Us in the morning (El Trece, 9.30) Charles Monty.. “It starts with saying’the little things in everyday life’. They are not small. There must be empathy for the victims and their families,” she added with resentment. Mariel Direnarda.. “That’s a shame.” chicken Alvarez.

Felipe Petinato was interviewed as an "intruder" in the middle of last year.

Felipe Petinato was interviewed as an “intruder” in the middle of last year.

And there was more criticism. “”The words Roberto Petinato used to defend him seem quite strange to me.“He, for example, Pampito Perero Asial In the air Very morning (City Magazine, 10 o’clock).

And he continued: “When a person died, he said in a relaxed tone,” a little misfortune in everyday life “… and he said,” This is cheerful. ” No, Roberto, I don’t know if it’s cheerful, the person diedWe are talking about the health of your son … ”

Carmen Barbieri also showed her vision on this issue. “”Recently, I see Roberto always defending. I have a lot of respect for him. He is a very smart person, but he can be seen on the defensive side. Perhaps, He feels beaten by the press for everything his kids do and do … He’s eccentric and I like him, but when you’re like that, you have to take a bullet in your chest, “he guaranteed.

“clearly He tries to tone it down, and it’s not a yellow pressBeyond the fact that it’s Felipe Petinato, it’s the press that gives some of justice, and that’s the news, “the host added.

And he concludes. “Here we are very worried about your son and very worried because there are dead people. This is a shocking shame … For him, all the media is junk and we are communicating. ”

“”The subject is not a joke, so instead of being defensive, he needs to pay attention to his words.“, Pampete added his part.

In addition, Carmen panelists shared a message on Twitter:

Social network denial of Roberto Petinart's saying.

Social network denial of Roberto Petinart’s saying.

“”Shameful. There are dead people. There is a limit to laughing. What happens because there are people who obviously don’t know them, “the producer commented under the tweet. Gabriella Baula.. “I just heard it and can’t believe it. I said “I don’t like it”.How bad“Alejandr Benevent, a well-known spokesman for various celebrities and plays, said in his comment.


Source: Clarin

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