Jorge Rial, Susana Jimenez to Jeweler: “It won’t work in the theater”

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Jorge Rial was dispatched to Susana Jimenez with a very harsh remark. “He’s going to do terrible things in the theater.”Above all, a shot in the memo he gave to the chronicler they (USA, 20 years old), a series led by Angel de Brito.

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mobilero started by asking about the Martín Fierro Awards, the award he has always asked, and the APTRA awarding organization, now chaired by Luis Ventura.

In connection with the Martín Fierro ceremony last Sunday, they He asked Really: “How did you see the compliment to Susana?” Ironically, he asked: “Why did they praise her?”.. “His 35 years (on TV),” the mobile player told him. “Then it’s not the statement,” Real shot.

Frankly to Jorge Rial, Susana Jimenez, "I don

Frankly to Jorge Rial, Susana Jimenez, “I don’t like what he says, don’t you like what he says?” Capturing TV.

“Jorge, who is the best diva for you?”, They consulted him. “”Mirsa“He replied without hesitation for a moment, and he added.” Because the diva is just light. That’s an example. “

“Mirsa continued to work at the age of 95, was involved in a pandemic, respected it, and did not screw in. When she had to be vaccinated, she was vaccinated. She was vaccinated. I didn’t. I didn’t screw it in. Country … “, Real kept.

And continued: “For me, the great diva is Mirsa.Susan and above.. Mirsa is an example. Susanna, no. I don’t like Susan: I don’t like what he says, I don’t like the way he says, I think it’s a derogatory term.. She shit to those who see her, Because we are talking about all of us. I don’t like it! “

Jorge Real: "Mirsa is a great diva in Argentina. It

Jorge Real: “Mirsa is a great diva in Argentina. It’s more than Susana.” Capture TV.

“A little rough”

“”Now (Susana) I’m going to play in Uruguay“, Chronicler commented they Of course, to his interviewees who are hoping for a spicy reaction. And he got it. “”It won’t work“, Declared real..

“In Uruguay, Argentina has always had bad results. Tell us what Argentina did in Uruguay. There is no such tradition in the sense of a foreigner.”

“And where in Montevideo, Punta Del Este, La Mary are you going to do it … oh no, La Mary doesn’t have it anymore … where are you going to do it? It’s you It’s a choice, and that’s fine. A little rough“, Real said about Susana.

After issuing these declarations by Real they, They returned to the apartment and Angel de Brito was ironic. “He doesn’t seem to love Susana … a little!” And Pier Shaw mentioned Susana’s brother Patricio Jimenez. Bet on the driver “yes, in your release”.

“Why do you hate her?” De Brito asked about her feelings for Real Susana. And Peer reminded me of events from the not too distant past. “Remember that something like WhatsApp that Susana sent unnoticed was leaked?” And Angel completed: “Yes, (Susana) TV us… for Ferrari and all that … and he said (real) deserves it. ”

The specific fact was when it rose from the air in the United States. TV usIn a program sponsored by Jorge Real, who received a very low rating before reaching two months, he gave him a “Ferrari” in front of the camera, and he gave it to him. I admitted that I was responsible for the crash.

In fact, what Susana did at the time was to tweet instead of accidentally sending a voice. In a Twitter response intended to be a private message to an account that tweeted about how the real cycle ended, Susana posted it publicly and read: “I saw Ferrari crash. Everything is coming. Giant kiss, Dear Mars. ”

Susana Jimenez's tweet about the sudden end of the Jorge Real cycle.

Susana Jimenez’s tweet about the sudden end of the Jorge Real cycle.


Source: Clarin

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