Jorge Real’s harsh statement to Susana Jimenez after the diva’s “Fuck You”

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Jorge Real's harsh statement to Susana Jimenez after the diva's

Real talked to Clarin and replied from his show on Radio 10.

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The Unexpected gestures from Susana Jimenez When asked by way of saying from Joherial Surprised in the last few hours, he has led to a new and controversial statement by journalists.

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For more information, former driver invader (USA, 1:30 pm) Controversial reaction What surprised on the car the mobile player of the program hosted by Florencia de la Ve, which the phone diva had when she left the event.

It was among other media-related questions that the chronicler asked him. Strong criticism And that Jeweler’s Prediction (“It won’t work”) What the TV host did about the play he presents in Uruguay. Sue replied, “wGo to hell … look, real !!!“And made a gesture Fuck you..

Knowing what happened, Jorge shared a screenshot of the memo on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, followed by over 3.4 million users and over 1 million users, respectively. And he wrote about them: “woman”This gesture means that it is not typical for women.

Jorge Real's first reaction after Susana Jimenez fucks you.

Jorge Real’s first reaction after Susana Jimenez fucks you.

To add a little more pepper to this new conflict, Real gift Evil Queen’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs In your Instagram story; and “Nothing, this“In his tweet with a photo of Susana making him Fuck you To the camera invader..

And as if that wasn’t enough ClarionA famous journalist was very ironic when commenting on life gestures: “It made me amused.. She’s messed up I don’t know what’s wrong.. That’s all good … It really entertains me that Susana Jimenez takes care of me in her wonderful life from her asylum. It’s savage! “

“”It was very interesting to see the reaction of Fuck you And fuck you and put it all in one … Make a sticker, an emoji of Susana’s face, and start using it because you think it’s nice. That is why Mirtha (Legrand) is a diva. She never does this “Closed, spicy.

Jorge Rial replied to Susana Jimenez.

Jorge Rial replied to Susana Jimenez.

Meanwhile, a few minutes later, Argentina, His show on Radio 10, Jorge continued to beat the diva. “We have a love-hate relationship. She is already her caricature.. For me, it’s a caricature of what Susana was. He became a caricature from his remarks, “he began to say.

“”It’s getting more and more advanced because it was what it was.. I hope I can learn something from Mirsa. I hope he will sit down and learn something from Mirsa someday, “she continued, and she was visibly angry.

And he added: “Besides, she’s a girl, she makes me Fuck you And he sends me to hell.Susana, or you make me Fuck you Or you send me to hell. You cover me or you reveal me. You can’t do everything to me. I love knowing to offend her. Especially someone AvoidantAll we know is Susana Jimenez. The mask has fallen …“.

After these strong qualifying sessions, the driver took off from the middle and made a controversial assessment of his image. “I’m no longer in this environment, I’m like outside, but how do I keep screwing them in?“, He insisted.

And he talked again with Susana about the gesture in front of the camera invader: “”I’m proud he’s angry with me.. A person is measured by the enemies he has … the worst thing that can happen to you is to be your caricature. It seems to me that when he looks at himself and knows her a little bit, he won’t like it. “

“I was very surprised. It doesn’t bother or offend me. Susana is an unattackable entity for me. I’m glad to release her from her heart, because someone has to do it, otherwise they’ll take her from above, “he concludes.

Jorge Real’s controversial statement to Susana Jimenez

After the delivery of the Martin Fierro 2022 Award, Jorge Real they Y I thought about everything: Among the compliments Susana Jimenez received during the ceremony organized by the authorities APTRA..

“”How did you see the compliment to Susana?“The notary of the aforementioned program asked the journalist who asked the question:”Why did they praise her?“.”His 35 years (On TV), “the reporter replied. It’s not because of my remarks. “

“Jorge, who is the best diva for you?”, Brito’s Angel.. “Mirsa,” Jorge replied without hesitation. He added, “Because the diva is nothing more than light. She is an example.”

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Source: Clarin

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