The video of “The day you love me” by Ricardo Montaner has exceeded 38 million views

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The video has exceeded 38 million views

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Ricardo Montaner reaped success by singing tango. Press photo/Guido Adler.

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Despite spending decades singing romantic and pop music, Ricardo Montaner now get tremendous success with an album he described as the “most passionate album” of his career: Tangowhich was released in full this week.

Tango It is a tribute to his childhood in Argentina, and represents the commitment made by the artist to his father, to his grandfather and to his audience.

Ricardo Montaner.  Photo: EFE

Ricardo Montaner. Photo: EFE

Despite being great in the Caribbean and from there covering four cardinal points, the south continues to mark for him a pulse in the memory of his elders.

“It was natural, almost inevitable, to record a tango album. That’s why I decided to travel to the past to honor my roots, that’s why I produced this album”, commented Montaner.

the success of the clip

The video of the first single The day you Love Mewhich came out a month ago, as a preview of the album has exceeded 38 million views on YouTube.

It was shot by Marlene Montaner and Lautaro Espósito with a production by Diego Tucci at the iconic Café De Los Angelitos in Buenos Aires, a place that has been part of tango history since the late 1800s.

a special production

According to Ricardo Montaner, such a project should be carried out to the roots and respect for the heritage of the writers of the history of the genre. That’s why the studio he chose to record Tango this is the same one where some of the figures in the history of this genre have recorded their most memorable albums: the ION studio, located since 1956 in an old mansion in the Balvanera neighborhood, in the heart of Buenos Aires.

In this emblematic area, Ricardo put together a typical twelve-member orchestra composed of the most outstanding instrumentalists of the genre, under the direction of maestro Andres Linetzky, who also manages the arrangement of eleven songs on the album.

The cover of Ricardo Montaner's first tango single.

The cover of Ricardo Montaner’s first tango single.

The idea from the beginning was to find the essence of the nod. Fully analog recorded, both microphones were used where several immortal pieces of the genre were recorded.

In setting up the room of Jorge “El protectionés” Da Silva, who at 87 years old participated in countless sessions in that studio and under the careful quality control of Osvaldo Acedo, who recorded Goyeneche and Piazzolla, among others.

the repertoire

Ricardo Montaner, tango player.  Press photo/Guido Adler.

Ricardo Montaner, tango player. Press photo/Guido Adler.

The album is a journey into the artist’s roots, where material recorded with the rigor and sincerity that tango needs is blended and finished using the best technology to date.

Some of the other songs included on the album are Small blue room, Nostalgia, One, The last drink Y Whateverwhich just released its own video.

This week, along with the album and the second single, Montaner also released a documentary about the recording process.

And he said: “Tango This is a project that represents a dream that I started to build many years ago. This tango album is to fulfill a promise I made to my father, my grandfather and my childhood in Valentín Alsina, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I was born ”.


Source: Clarin

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