Shano’s mother, Marina Charpentier, talked about her son’s health and began crying live.

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Shano's mother, Marina Charpentier, talked about her son's health and began crying live.

Chano’s mother moved on the move with “American Noticius”. TV capture

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Marina CharpentierChano’s mom, American news Before he entered the Senate, he Call for revision of mental health lawApproved 12 years ago.

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“He is in the hospital I haven’t seen him for 6 daysSo he can’t tell you anything but that he’s in the place where he must be after so much effort. Hopefully this hospitalization is the best“, He guaranteed from the beginning, before the consultation of the journalist. Paula Garoni..

Marina then revealed that the new relapse of the musician, who continues to be treated at the Avril Clinic because of his addiction, remains the same as before. “It’s a way to recognize why he’s there and to calm his pain and head.”Pointed out the mother of a former leader of Tambionica.

"My son only risked himself," Charpentier revealed why the musician was last hospitalized. TV capture

“My son only risked himself,” Charpentier revealed why the musician was last hospitalized. TV capture

“Are there any other situations you had to attend this time?”, Chronicler consulted him.Then, it moved conspicuously from the beginning of the memo, and finally a woman She shed tears: “When I enter the Senate, I’m going to say that now. I wasn’t ready to make this mobile, I’m excited. So I can’t say anything else to you. “

Later, Charpentier explained that she has a degree in social work specializing in addiction and that her visit to the Senate “represents her mother” who is suffering as much as she is. “Thousands of mothers wrote to me and asked me to say what I was trying to say on their behalf. And all the families fighting this disease, “he assured.

And he added: “I speak in the Senate and talk about everything I have lived in. It’s very long and very widespread. My son was only at risk to himself. No mom wants to see her child die. There are many mothers who say they are fighting for me because they have no children next to me. Addictives most often hurt themselves. “

About the end of the interview When talking about mental health law, he said, “It was made without listening to the family.”.. And he said: It says that addicts or psychiatric patients must agree to be hospitalized. That’s stupid. It’s an anachronistic law. “

“Shano is my son, he is a very sensitive beingLike all addicts, the world hurt them. They consume for very deep sorrow.Shano is an artist and a very affectionate person “A person who deserves the right to health and tranquility,” she concluded and was impressed.

Chano’s last hospitalization

Last week, it was discovered that Shano entered the Otamendi sanatorium after suffering from a recurrence of the addiction. From there he was referred to the Avril Clinic, where he was hospitalized and under rigorous treatment.


Source: Clarin

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