The listener fooled Andy Kusnetsov with a false story, and the driver was upset: “He’s a jerk.”

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The listener first caught the attention of Andy Kusnetsov and the members of “Peros de la Carre”.

When Andy was on the air and asked to talk to Ines, who allegedly told her version, it was sometimes inconsistent and everything was more exposed. “I have doubts,” said the driver, and with his companions they began to wonder if the story was true or wrong. Nevertheless, They both continued their story.

At some point, 30 minutes after the call started, the listener got off and whitened his goal. “Look at Andy, we are actors, Analia and I, Marcelo. I’m also a writer, and when I heard Casciari the other day (Hernán), I decided to make this call to tell one of my stories. This is a loneliness of my personality. “

Unlike Harry Salvary, who emphasized the actor’s work and story, Andy was angry at what had happened. “I can’t praise you. I understand you tried to promote yourself.”

Andy Kusnetzoff was angry with the attitude of the "Perros delacalle" listeners. Video capture.

Andy Kusnetzoff was angry with the attitude of the “Perros delacalle” listeners. Video capture.

“He made a noise for me. When he plays the radio, he believes in the story, so I disagree with what he did, which undermines the listener’s trust. I do what he does. Understand his intention to want Kashiari, but that didn’t work for me, otherwise it’s bullshit because no one believes in it … so he’s an actor If you’re trying to advertise something … He’s scared to me. I didn’t get angry with him, but I can’t celebrate either. “After ending the call, the driver said.

“It’s not that dramatic. It happened several times. In this case, it goes a long way and it has merit,” Salvary said. But Andy clarified his position. “I can’t support it, I can’t celebrate it. His tone wasn’t excessive, It undermines the credibility of the listener and you can’t ruin it. “

“He wanted to be Cassiari, but he didn’t pass. I don’t deposit the method in the bank. Please note that we do. Congratulations. Our job is to believe, that’s why I can’t support it, otherwise we call them all living in different stories, “Andy closed. for a moment.


Source: Clarin

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