The strong story of Leticia Siciliani about the attacks she received for being a lesbian

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Letizia Siciliani He recalled on his social networks the painful moment he experienced when He talked about his sexuality and admitted he was gay.

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The actress, who earlier this year shared her unease over the hateful messages she receives in the 2.0 world, responded to a concern from an Instagram follower who asked her if she felt “fear. “when he spoke publicly about his sex. orientation

Griselda Siciliani’s sister admitted that the reaction of many network users saddened her a lot and in this sense he recalled the hate messages he received at the time he was recording the strip my hope (The thirteen).

Leticia Siciliani's account of the attacks she received when she talked about her sexuality.

Leticia Siciliani’s account of the attacks she received when she talked about her sexuality.

“Weren’t you afraid to tell me you were a lesbian?”, wanted to know an Instagram user. “I’m going to answer, but also not to talk about myself above all, but because in recent days there hasn’t been much talk of the outrageous attack on Mariana Genesio Peña”, she began.

In this sense, Leticia sympathized with Genesio Peña, discriminated against a few days ago by a passer-by while giving a note to THEY (America): “Mariana was attacked while she was delivering a ticket in the middle of Palermo by a person who attacked her very violently, in total impunity “.

There are people today who continue to have messages of hatred towards dissidence, towards certain groups, minorities. So it would be nice if we were more careful because when we sometimes say ‘these things don’t happen anymore’, it doesn’t. These things happen, they happen in the eyes of all, so we are vigilant, we are vigilant, ”Leticia said.

Leticia Siciliani spoke of the attacks she received when she talked about her sexuality.  Instagram.

Leticia Siciliani spoke of the attacks she received when she talked about her sexuality. Instagram.

And then he recounted his bad experience through a story he recorded on Instagram: “I was recording my hope and all of a sudden I went into the locker room and went to Twitter, and the note came out where I said this, that I actually had who I was living with, and in mentions contained many, many messages attacking me, insulting me, discriminating against me, many hate messages“.

At that moment I was seized by an anguish, a crisis, a cry, everything. Luckily I was with my friends, castmates, who supported me, accompanied and supported me because I was really very sad, “Leti said.

And he recognized that he had the moderation, at that moment, of Lali Esposito and actress Laura Cymer. “There was talk of something extraordinary, like ‘Griselda Siciliani’s sister has come out into the open'”he remembered.

“So no, it didn’t scare me, but in that moment it was something I wanted to happen quickly. Today I have no regrets and I am enormously proud, but in that moment I had a bad time. “Sicilians condemned for that bad time he had to go through.

The transphobic attack on Mariana Genesio Peña

Leticia Siciliani sympathized with the violent episode experienced by Mariana Genesio Peña who, while giving a note to THEY received strong insults from a man who was passing through public streets and was attempting against his gender identity.

The release of Mariana Genesio Peña on Instagram.

The release of Mariana Genesio Peña on Instagram.

Peña, injured by having to deal with this situation, had released his statement last weekend on his Instagram account: “Today I was the subject of a transphobic attack in a note with @elejercitodelam #LAM. ‘It’s a job!’ And more hateful comments. “

“I’d like to not give it relevance, but the messages of hate and intolerance in the media must be made visible and stopped. Yup! I am quite a trava and I like to be. And I have every right to be. Thanks to all the support messages. #Trans I AM #SuperTrava ”, she said, very upset, making the transphobic attack visible.


Source: Clarin

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