Adam Sandler suffered a groin injury while filming “Hustle”, his new movie on Netflix

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Basketball movie hits streaming catalog on June 8

Adam Sandler suffered a groin injury while filming “Hustle”, his new movie on Netflix – Disclosure / Netflix

It’s been more than a year since the end of filming “Hustle”, the new basketball movie from Netflix, and the star Adam Sandler (“Lie’s Wife”) revealed during an interview with ET (via Screen Rant) who suffered a groin injury, and even after all this time, he still feels pain in the region.

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sandler commented on his experience filming the drama alongside real NBA players, which was “humiliating” for him, even more because it is routine, and they always play in the film’s recordings.

“I’ve played with everybody, every guy, and it’s humiliating, you know? You take a shot in front of them you see how flat your shot is you see how dumb you look you have no form”confessed Adam. “So when they shoot, you’re like, ‘Yeah, yeah, okay, that’s how you should play. We had some of that, but that was before I popped my crotch. There was one night I couldn’t take it anymore, so I said, ‘I guess I’m going to have to watch these guys go.’ It’s been a year and I’m still limping like a fool… it’s awful.”he explained.

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“Hustle” follows an “American basketball scout” who is unfairly fired, and as a result ends up embarking on an unusual journey to discover a unique player, with hopes of bringing him to the United States and proving that both can make it into the NBA. .

With support from his production company Happy Madison, sandler will also take over the project as producer alongside LeBron James from a script signed by Will Fetters (“Memories” and “A Star Is Born”) and Taylor Maternal (“A Letter to Elia”). Queen Latifah (“Taxi”), Robert Duvall (“The Judge”) and Ben Foster (“No Traces”) complete the cast.

“Hustle” arrives on Netflix on June 8. Watch the trailer:

Source: cinebuzz

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