Josefina Pouso talked about her relationship with Jorge Rial: “We had fun”

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Giuseppina Pouso returned to Argentina after being linked to Jorge Rialwith whom she was seen last week in Madrid, Spain, and with whom she spoke intruders (America, 1.30pm) and said what he likes best about the driver.

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The journalist, who accompanied Rial during his stay in the Spanish capital, arrived at Ezeiza International Airport in the early hours of this Monday 6 June and, as expected, was surprised by the cameras of the cycle of America, currently in charge. from Firenze de la Ve.

In dialogue with Gonzalo Vázquezthe 44-year-old model also began by saying while walking through the arrivals hall of the airport: “Good. I’m tired, but fine”. And before the consultation of many days of exhibition, he said: “I tried to isolate myself and continue to enjoy the ride“.

“There is nothing else (from the photos in which they showed THEY) Boys. We are getting to know each other. She took it well. There is nothing that covers it. This is not the time to paint something, this is the situation, but because we are in a very new situation “, explained Josefina.

Josefina Pouso spoke about her meeting with Jorge Rial.  Capture the TV.

Josefina Pouso spoke about her meeting with Jorge Rial. Capture the TV.

And before consulting Romina PereiroRial’s ex, indicated: “I’m not going to talk about it. It seems to me that she is in her trial and as a woman I respect her, I have nothing to say about Romina“.

“Do you understand that she is angry because she has not informed her daughters of everything they have shared?” Gonzalo asked her. “There was nothing to say. It makes sense that at some point they would have seen us because you can’t be locked up to see each other secretly when there’s nothing to hide “Pouso added, without hesitation.

Meanwhile, on the beginning of the love story, he clarified: “I have no appointments. I have a bad memory but yes, it was at the end of March, beginning of April, like this, that we first met for coffee in a hotel in Recoleta“.

Furthermore, Pouso referred to the alleged departure with his friends that it would not end well. “We went to the event at the racecourse, this for gin and tonic, and then when we’re done there, we went to one of the boys’ house to spend some time. A friend of mine is a DJ, he brought his tray, Jorge stayed with us and at 1:30 he left because he went to see a fight, because he also doesn’t like electronic music “, he specified in detail. details.

Did you hear everything that (Yanina) Latorre said?“, the notary of intruders. “Look, kisses to all those who want to deepen my private life”, she launched her, without the intention of entering into controversy.

Jorge Rial and Josefina Pouso, together in Madrid, as shown in "LAM".  Capture the TV.

Jorge Rial and Josefina Pouso, together in Madrid, as shown in “LAM”. Capture the TV.

“(What I like most about knowing him) is that we have fun, we talk a lot, we speak well, ‘good conversation’ my grandmother would say“added the model, who also described her stay in Spain as” a spectacular journey “.

At the end of the note, Josefina also confirmed that she went to see the Rolling Stones with the driver. Furthermore, she pointed out that Rial realized as soon as a woman photographed them in a well-known restaurant in Madrid. “I thought about it because I didn’t want it to happen (due to media exposure). There is nothing to hide, but this is not the time to paint anything, ”said Pouso.


Source: Clarin

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