Matías Defederico, against Cinthia Fernández: “How did you manage to live in a 600 thousand dollar house?”

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Matías Defederico and Cinthia Fernández have three identical daughters, they separated in 2018 and the relationship of the former partner and parents of the three girls has not continued in peace since then. now, debt to ARBA is the reason they clash on social media.

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The reasons why the dancer and the soccer player always quarrel are varied, but the issue of money is one of the ones that are not lacking.

Today, Tuesday, through her Instagram account, Cinthia Fernández complained about the care she received at the ARBA (Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires) office in the municipality of Escobar, province of Buenos Aires.

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Enraged, he said that the employee who entered his salary was paying him his taxes and as a result, he had to provide a solution to the problem he went to try to solve there.

Cinthia Fernández attacked ARBA and Matías Defederico.  Capture Instagram.

Cinthia Fernández attacked ARBA and Matías Defederico. Capture Instagram.

Moreover, he complained that because the system for filling out a form did not work, the employee in question sent him to a bookstore to fill it out there.

In her Instagram stories, Cinthia recounted her response to that statement: “I told her: ‘You know what’s going on, sir, I’m paying your salary, because you’re a municipal employee. So, it’s nice if you attend well. ako “.

Determined to explain why he had to do the paperwork in that ARBA office, the dancer and panelist said: “What is happening is I am in debt.

“Well, I’m not but my ex -he added, in reference to Matías Defederico-, a genius, alive, owed 600 lucas (600 thousand pesos) of taxes and ARBA, that we have to pay half and half, but the summons comes to me alone, which I legally cannot pay. I want my half to be fulfilled and he will break his half. “

“But the solution is not to pay either, because if you don’t pay alimony, think about collecting the tax issue and ARBA …” Cinthia continued in the video she posted in her stories.

Defederico attacked everyone

Cinthia Fernández’s claims are not deaf. Matías Defederico, his ex -wife and father of his daughters Charo, Bella and Francesca, responded to him, without anesthesia, on the same social network.

The former soccer player came out with pointed boots against Cinthia. “First, the one arrested was me, because that house was in my name”wrote.

And for more details, he added: “LI bought with my money before we got married. I left it to my daughters, which is another story you don’t tell. “

Matías Defederico’s very harsh post in response to Cinthia Fernández.  Photo on Instagram.

Matías Defederico’s very harsh post in response to Cinthia Fernández. Photo on Instagram.

Then, the former soccer player, addressing his ex -wife, said: “If you own the house, you have to pay taxes. As I pay mine”.

To support these statements, Defederico posted a portion of the document in which, under the title “attribution of the conjugal home”, he and Cinthia agreed that the house “became the seat of the conjugal home “was” attributed in favor “to Cinthia until the youngest of three identical daughters, Francesca, was 21 years old.

He then proceeded to fire a thick bullet: “If you don’t have 600,000 pesos to pay in ARBA, how are you able to live in a 600,000-dollar house?”

In fulfillment, Matías claimed Cinthia: “Be thankful and speak with standard.”

“And let another perimeter come for attending on Instagram. Besis,” Defederico closed, purely ironically, his harsh reaction against Cinthia Fernández’s complaints.


Source: Clarin

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